My Sick Baby

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Ray's Pov:

Its been a couple of weeks. I'm closer to Jassie then I ever been. The crew moved back in with us. One big happy family once again. But sadly my baby is sick. She came down with a cold. Its december 5th today. Very cold now. Snow and everything. I was currently in the store buying items with Diggy for a get well basket. So far I got her some of her favorite snacks. A couple of roses and a card. Tissues and medicine. I got a few more things when something caught my eye. It was a box that had the words Magnum imprinted in gold. I read it carefully and figured what it was. Diggy watched me. "You getting a box bro?" He asks. I sigh and shake my head. The only guy that knows about how I was feeling about this situation was Diggy. He picked up a box that had red writing and handed it to me. It said something about enegry pills. "What do I need this for? I have enegry the freak.." I say. He smirks. "Nah man. Thats enegry pills for when you wanna be good in bed. It gives you a boost and make your hormones go nuts. Like a animal. Take one. And a box of wrappers. That should help you." He explains. I hesitate and pick up two boxes of the strongest looking pills and a box that read Magnum. I put it in the cart and we go to the check out. After buying our stuff and packing it into the car we hop in and begin driving home. I slipped my personal purchases in my backpack. I didn't want Jassie to see it. It would make me look bad. Or I would look like a wimp. I just wanted to have a perfect night that I can do this. And actually be good. I don't want to dissapoint her. We reached home and I got the get well basket and took it inside. I walked into the kitchen to find Fatou and Evalynn. They looked up at me. I adjusted my backpack when my stuff fell out. They both got down to help when they saw it. "Ray! Is this what I think this is! Who is this for!" Fatou yells and stands up holding the stuff. I get nervous. I didn't want them to know. This was nerve wrecking. "I-umm--I...Its for me...." I finally confess and sit down. They sit down infront of me. I begin explaining to them everything by the end they understood. "Don't let her see that Ray. She'll look at it as though you think she is easy." Evalynn says. I nod and put it back in my bag. I leave the kitchen and grab the basket and walk into our room. She was lying in bed watching Bad Girls Club. She was wearing my grey pirate sweatshirt and black leggings with knee high purple socks. Her hair was just down and her natural thick curls with my explicit Content beanie on. Her little nose was red and her eyes were puffy. She had a heavy cough and sneezed alot. I walked up to the bed and sat down. She turned over to me and smiled. "Where did you go?" She says in her small sick voice. I kiss her forhead. "I had to get some things for you." I say and hand her the gift basket. She sits up and looks through the basket. She rests it on her night stand and looks at me. I leaned in to kiss her but she stopped me and shoke her head. "No I'm not getting you sick Ray." She says. I haven't got to kiss her all week. Its hard man. I sigh. "Do you want to do anything today?" I ask. She fixes the beanie. "I can't do anything..I'm sick bae...I hate this. I miss you." She says and holds my hand. I notice she was shivering. I feel her forhead. "Are you cold?" I ask. She nods. I get up and turn up the heat. I remove my jacket and gloves and sit back down. "Can I have some soup?" She asks. I nod. "Ok. I'll be right back baby." I say and kiss her cheek. I quickly go downstairs. I make chicken noodle soup with chicken and veggies. I also make a cup of hot cocoa for her. I put the things on a tray and mount the stairs off to our room. I walk in and Prince Roc and Prod were sitting on the bed talking to Jassie. I raise my eyebrow and rest the tray down on the night stand. "So yah. We were planning on going this weekend. Do you wanna come" Prince asks. Jassie looks at me. "Ray their going to Puerto Rico with the girls. You wanna go?" she whispers. I shrug. "Its your decsion babe." I tell her. She looks at the boys and nod. They hug her and kiss her cheek and leave the room. So I guess we're going to Puerto Rico. I pick up the soup and scoop a spoon full and blow it until its warm. I motion for her to open her mouth and I feed her it. I feed it to her until its have way done. So I leave the bowl and she drinks down the hot cocoa. I noticed my bag was right next to her on the bed. I frequently kept looking at it getting nervous. She caught me and looked at it. "What? You hiding something in here?" She asks and puts it on her lap ready to open it. My heart was racing and skipping beats. I try to pull the bag back but she looks at me with those green eyes. I got lost for a second and that gave her enough time to open it. She looks around and stops. Her hands come out of the bag holding the pills and the box of condoms. She looks at me confused and sighs not trying to show shes mad. "Ray why do you have sex energy pills and condoms?" she asks as calm as she possibly could. I struggled to find a answer. "Who is this for?" she asks. I see tears in her eyes. "For me..." I say in a whisper. She squints her eyes. "Who were you plan on using these with?" She asks. I feel myself getting goose bumps because I knew I was in trouble. But I refused to lie to her. "um...Y-y-ou..." I say. She throughs my bag down with the items and glares at me. "So you just assume that if you brought condoms we would have sex!??" She yells. I couldn't answer. "Do I look like I'm easy?? I would just let you hit it just like that!!?? DO I LOOK EASY RAY?" She yells in her sick cracky voice. Tears form in my eyes. I wasn't going to argue with her because I see I'm wrong here. And I don't want to make anything worse "O-Ok so just stay quiet?? Now why do you need energy pills!?? Like thats for older people who need a freakin boost or some shit! Your freakin 17 why do you need that!?? " She asks me. I stay quiet. She nods and gets up and gets in my face. "answer me Ray..." She says sternly. I look into her eyes. She was pissed. I gulp and begin explaining to her everything. At the end she was still upset because she said I made her feel like she's easy. "Just forgive me please...I didn't mean to make you feel like that I just wanted to be good enough...Baby I'm sorry I thought that if we did do it some day I wasn't going to be good enough and you would leave me. I-I- just can't have you leave me again..I can't do it. I need you. And I'd do anything to make you happy and please you. I swear it wasn't to make you feel like that...I love you..." I say crying on my knees looking up at her. She wiped her face and hepled me into a hug. She held on to the bottom of my shirt and kissed my cheek. "No I'm sorry. I over react alot I just didn't want it to seem I just throw my body around.." She says. We fall back on the bed and I cuddle on her chest until I fall asleep. I won't loose her again. I won't allow it.

(A/N: HIYA!! I hope you guys are enjoying. I won't break ray and jassie up any time soon. They need eachother. But in the next chapter the trip to puerto rico we'll see some drama with the other couples. FATOU! be ready for the crazy. I hope you guys are reading my other stories. Especially The priest's boy, Raise It Up, and Fangs Of Love! Thanks! Please comment and vote!)

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