New Arrangements Part 59

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14th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

I was still getting used to being married. So was Drew, as we all call him now.

I still remember our wedding night. There were blushes and giggles galore. I think my most memorable moment, thanks to Oliver in part, was when I was sitting astride Drew and riding him. I lifted my hands up under my hair and tilted my head back while moving and thoroughly enjoying the feel of my new husband beneath me and my thighs.

His hands gripped my hips and a moment later, he was working it as if he was in a race. He was moving that fast.

I collapsed onto his chest with a groan and just panted. I didn't have any energy left.

" I think I am done." I moaned between gasping breaths to him.

" Me too." He groaned with me. I just smiled without looking at him just then.

His chest was also rising as he too tried to suck in the air his lungs needed after that performance we both put on. I have to say that I was only able to do what I just did because Oliver taught me. I suppose I should thank the man the next time I see him since what he taught me certainly came in handy tonight with Drew.

I pushed myself up and leaned back a little, looking down at him and smiled.

I pushed my hair back off my face after it fell forward and draped all over Drew with one hand while leaning on the other one. I saw his eyes drop down to my chest and then widen.

Looking to see what caught his attention, I couldn't move fast enough, I was that embarrassed.

My breasts had started to leak all over him. It was like a veritable flood leaking all down his chest to pool in any hollow it could find.

" Oh dear, I am so sorry." I said to him. I looked about to see what I could grab to wipe him and at the same time, grabbed hold of my boobs to hopefully stop any more milk running out.

I don't know where that thought came from thinking I could stop it. But I thought that if I could cover my hands over my nipples, the milk would stop running. Bu t it doesn't work like that. I was feeling absolutely mortified.

Drew started to shake underneath me as he covered his face.

" I'm so sorry. I didn't think it would happen after expressing so much earlier." I woefully said to him. I was feeling really pitiful just then and he was horrified to have baby milk dripping all over him causing a mess.

I felt like crying.

A moment later, I was on my back looking up with a yelp when Drew grabbed me all of a sudden and tossed me to the side and then have him leaning right over me.

" You are an idiot." He said which offended me.

" I am not." I growled at him in offense. Then he lowered his head and started to nibble at my chin before moving down to my throat and then across my shoulders,both of them. 

Of course, his hand went ahead of his mouth and before I knew it, the man was helping me to clean up the baby milk seepage... with his mouth. I didn't know how I felt about that. But I know how it made me feel. I didn't have another leakage for some time after that.

Anyway, that was my most memorable moment from our wedding night and I think Drew thought so so. Especially since his eyes would often go to my breasts and would lick his lips, if no one was watching that is.

" You leech." I muttered which only had him laugh at me.

Once we were back home, we had something to think about. His grandmother couldn't live alone and neither could my grandparents. It left us with a quandary as to living arrangements.

In the end, it was Nanna who said it would be easier to settle up her house and use the funds to build something up on the hill near our house.

In fact, she had been looking into it long before Drew and I got married. She found a company who make fold out granny flats and deliver them settling them on site for you. You didn't need to get any council or government approval to settle them and they do not cost too much at all. At least, I didn't think so anyway.

So, Drew and I looked into it and at the same time, make a few more renovations at the house with Grans and Pa's input for their idea's as well.

The conversation was met with enthusiasm  when Nanna's idea was mentioned. The oldies even went for walks outside to see where the best place would be to settle it for her.

They decided all without any further input from me that there was this little spot about a hundred yards from the back of my shed that a little granny flat would look good. It was far enough to be private, yet close enough to be seen and walk to each others homes. So, they looked into it and within a month, ground was being cleared for the new granny flat for Nanna.

In the meantime, I had spoken to Drew about Kerrville and that I needed to go and visit the branch office I have there. It was time for something to be done with both the Wintons meeting their granddaughters and for Oliver to make up his mind on what to do where his daughters were concerned.

" What if they decide that they want to play a big part in their lives?" Drew was asking me a few weeks after we were married and settled in the bed in my room.

" I have to give Oliver the opportunity to see if he wants to be their father. Everything else is an option. But I have had contact with Deb and Cort and they will bide by any decision I make. But they would like to be a part of the girls lives." I said to him as we lay entwined in the bed together.

" We could go over and arrange a meeting. What about just popping out and seeing them at the ranch? How do you feel about that?" He asked me after a moment while he played with a few strands of my hair and twirled them around his fingers.

" You would be willing to do that? Oliver doesn't live on the ranch. He has his own place in town." I said to him waiting for what he thought.

" Let's just surprise them and turn up. That is usually the best way to find out what kind of a person he is and his family. Surprise visits always show what their true colors are." He went on to say as he rubbed his hand up and down my arm which was laying across his naked chest.

" All right. let's do it." I said to him as I tilted my head back and lifted my face for a kiss.

He was just about to join his lips to mine when something stops him.

" Those two are little cock blockers." He snarled in annoyance. I just laughed at him as I patted his flat hard stomach and then wiggled around and threw the blankets off to get out of bed.

A moment later, he was with me changing the girls nappies before seeing if they needed a feed again before settling down for the night.

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