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❤776K likesPark_ChminnOne of my favourite person in the whole world

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One of my favourite person in the whole world.😊💗 @juanjungkook


jinjinjinjuseyo Oof he gay😤😱

RMOfficial @jinjinjinjuseyo He aint

NationsTofu Handsome.

JeongggYoo_ @NationsTofu indeed

Park_Chminn @JeongggYoo_ WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'INDEED'???¿¿ Yesterday you be coming for my ass now you tryna coming for my heart?? No no no no.

JeongggYoo_ @Park_Chminn Calm your tiddies. Breath in, breath out.

Park_Chminn @JeongggYoo_  >:(

Park_Chminn @NationsTofu Thanks you too :)

Park_Chminn @Park_Chminn Wait what.

JeongggYoo_ What.

@NationsTofu just followed you!

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