Surprising Developments Part 57

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13th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

Well, that was certainly unexpected to come home and find out that everyone knew what Andrew was going to do with taking me for a drive with the girls. How they kept all that from me I don't know. But I suppose having the babies helped distracted me somewhat.

It was more exciting to find out that they even had an engagement party ready for us when we got back. It was absolutely lovely. Some of the friends we have were also there. It was a good well planned event I had absolutely no idea was going to happen. I had to say that I felt kind of shy around Andrew now that we were officially a couple.

I am still trying to understand how I have gone from thinking Oliver was the man for me to finding Andrew who was always there waiting in the wings ready to make his move. Which he did. Having his ring on my finger made him strut around the place like a peacock strutting his stuff. He was proud that I had finally accepted him. I can't help but smile at how warm the man makes me feel even when he isn't even there.

I would watch him and how he would act around my children. His face grew pink when the boys would come along behind him and slap him on the back in a friendly gesture and call him Dad. I know that the boys were working on their relationship with Doug and I had heard them mention once or twice Doug as their dad.

But it still tickled Andrew for the boys to call him Dad as well.

In fact, every time they saw him, they called him that and referred to Doug as their father. We were all getting used to it happening every time the boys came home when they could after taking a break from their studies. I can't help but smile every time I see Andrew and he is carting around one of the girls. He has been getting a little fussy over them like a father should.

I can't believe just how much my life has changed in such a short amount of time. Which I didn't think it would after seeing Oliver that last time. I also couldn't believe just how quickly any feelings I had for him practically died an instant death the moment he did not deny that my brat of a younger sister was married to him and had been for a couple of years.

The only sad thing I feel about the whole situation is that if Oliver wants to have any kind of relationship with the girls int he future, it will have to be through his parents since I did not trust Darlene not to hurt my girls in any way or form.

Sometimes, those thoughts would come to me because I had Andrew now with me and he would be doing or saying something to make either me or one of the kids smile.

I heard Andrew bragging to one of his colleagues in town one day about how proud he was of his future stepsons. Really proud. I just smiled when I heard about it. I still have a hard time getting used to the change in all of our lives.

Then I heard about another party he was planning. I was too busy to plan anything, so I usually leave it up to him now. I had taken a few months off from work with maternity leave so I could get the girls into a good routine before I had to get back at work again. It doesn't mean that I don't keep tabs on what is happening within my own business. Because I do.

I had planned on three months off with only checking in when necessary. If there were any major problems, Elliania would call and talk to me about it. Once we understood what was involved, she implemented the new plan and it all got sorted with minimal fuss.

The weekend after next, Andrew has this party organized and the boys were helping him. The girls were nearly a couple of months old and would be by the time the party was going to be held. Andrew was also being very secretive about the party and it made me a little nervous. The last time he organized something like this, we got engaged.

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