Chapter 3

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Hey there i am Blance (introduced in Part 1)

Omg how could he not recall our kiss.

I decided to add him on my social media account mostly just to see if there where any other females interested in what i so badly wanted to be mine. He accepted my request and after a short while we started to chat via Facebook and arranged to meet up again in one months time.

Time flew past and soon it was time to see Roy - lee again. I arranged with a close friend to use her apartment for the night so i could be sure that we would be alone.

8:00 pm

There was a light knock on the door, i opened the door knowing who it was.

Tonight is the night

Roy - lee entered the apartment and not only did he look good he smelled like heaven just the way i like my men. We started to make small talk and he told me that he was currently busy completing his studies and did not want to get involved in a serious relationship.

I offered him a snack and we decided to watch a movie together. As the movie proceeded i found myself moving closer to him, he did not mind and slightly held me around the waist, he bowed his head and we started to kiss. The kiss was warm and welcoming.

He moved his hands to my pants and i  helped him to get it off, soon i felt his fingers massaging my clit.

Damn it felt real good.

I placed my hand on this erection and i could feel he was so ready to enter me. He asked if we could maybe move to the bedroom to get more comfortable i agreed.

As soon as we got to the bedroom he continued to kiss me slow and hard , he was on top of me and i was more than willing to give him actually what he wanted.

This was not my first time having sex but my pussy was real tight as he started to enter. He kissed me on my neck and promised not to give me a hickey.

We made love four times in one night. He got up and dressed almost as if he was in a hurry.

Blance POV:

So he left after a night well spent, all i could do was think about him and the way he made me feel, i wanted to introduce him to my family and close friends, but decided to wait a little while longer. I texted him

Me: hey hope you enjoyed last night.
Roy-lee : yes i did, when can i see you again? I want to ask you something important
Me: i can see you tonight , please tell me what u want to ask me, i am curious 😶
Roy-lee: i want you to be my girlfriend and be part of your everyday movements, i know i said i didn't want a serious relationship but u make me want to be with you. Please say yes or answer me when we see each other again.
Me: the answer is yes you don't have to ask me twice but il repeat the answer f2f just to see your face.
Roy-lee: good , see you later, 8 pm?
Me: deal!❤❤❤

Roy-lee POV:

I was still half asleep when i heard my phone ping  for an incoming message. I didn't get up immediately because i felt a little tired after last night action with Blance.

Damn that girl knows how to please a man, if she was mine i could have her all the time and anytime i wanted.

Then a sudden thought crossed my mind, i have this one big secret , my love child that i don't talk or think about very often. I don't visit and i don't pay child support as far as im concerned he doesn't exist, maybe one day when im ready for the responsibility i will allow him into my life. Blance does not have any kids and as far as i could tell she would not like the idea of a child being part of our relationship .

Maybe i should date her for a little while and see what she thinks about the idea before informing her that i already have a child. Or just keep the whole child business a secret???

A week went by and we spent almost every night together, just talking getting to know each other and then there was the occasional kissing when we had to say goodbye.

Maybe i should tell her about the child? I have feelings for this girl but it is still in the early stages of a relationship then she could decide if she wanted to stay or not.

No i will not inform her if there is even a slight change that i may lose her, the answer is no.

Blance invited me over the her house where i met her parents, they seemed like nice enough people and was impressed with the thought that i am a university student and wanted to make something of my life in the near future. I did however notice that her father became awfully quiet after a short while. With was odd because just a few minutes ago he wanted to know everything and anything about me.

Just let it go, he will get use to you.

Blance POV:

I was so impressed that my parents liked my new boyfriend they didnt say one negative word. But as soon as i gave it a thought i remember my father not saying a word after i return home that night.

The next morning i got out of bed and greeted everyone as per normal, my father didnt greet me back. Maybe he wasn't feeling very well. I let the though go.

Two weeks past and my father still did not say a word to me. It started to bother me seeing that we were always so close and use to make cheesy jokes with each other only we could understand. It seems like that was all gone and i did not understand why. It made me feel sad and depressing every time i had to spent time at home, so i decided to spent most of my time either in my bedroom or going out with Roy-lee.

I couldn't take it anymore so i texted my father

Me: dad, what went wrong? It upsets me that we don't speak or interact with each other. Please be the father i use to know.i beg you 😢😢😢😢

My father: i don't like the boy that you are dating , something is just off about him. You spent more time with him than you do in our house, we don't know what is gong on in your life . I want nothing to do with you , and if you leave this house it would more than please me, o and remember if you ever decide to marry him don't bother to invite me. Go impress your friends and so called lover.

I didn't reply to the message instead i felt the need to cry for days in a dark room. I lost my father today because i was dating some guy he didn't like.

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