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Title: Leaves

Author: theMUSICisReal or Melody

Summary of Book:Leslie Hanson was always an ordinary person. She got average grades, a few close friends, and was well- normal. She loved to garden, and she grew her own in her backyard. As 15 years old, she lived in a small neighborhood in a small town called Waitsfield, which was located in Vermont. At her high school called Haywood, she is just plain ordinary and normal. With reddish brown hair, green eyes, and loved to wear "Life is Good" shirts, she was just Leslie. Nothing was ever strange about Leslie...until the day she was introduced into a whole new world.

Jasmine Belem always knew she was different. She liked to make a mess of things, and was always arrogant. She preferred the night, and was always very mischievous. She had dirty blond hair, darkish blue eyes, and she liked to wear dark greys. She loved to joke around and have fun. Jasmine has skipped school on more then one occasion. Her parents are very strict and seemed to lost flare in their relationship, so she grew up in a yelling environment. In her normal-sized house in Rhode Island, she also lived with a younger brother named Dylan. Jasmine knew that she was correct about her assumption of being different as soon as someone came to pick her up that was no one she knew.

Now, what happens when they meet in New York?

Mood: Kind of darkish, but not really- if you get what I saying.

Genres: Fan-fiction [Percy Jackson] and Adventure.

Subtitle [Doesn't have to be used]: Leaves can be dangerous OR they were not normal OR normal is not one of their qualities OR something related.

Ideas: Leaves coming out of a window, maybe lots of ivy. Possibly even just some leaves; preferably green.

Awwthentic Note: You can guess through the two different image to see what I did. The first one is made by me, the bottom two are the one's I used.

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