Chapter 11 ~ Nightmares

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One week later, things had quite changed in the X House.  It had, as Rebecca and Zayn liked to say, been "broken in."  In other words, the house's previously pristine and tidy demeanor had been completely and utterly replaced by what must have been a site similar to a toxic waste dump.  

Clothes were scattered throughout the hallway, television remotes could be found in the strangest and most bizarre of places, and leftover crisp packets and chocolate bar wrappers littered the floor like birdseed.  The house had designated cleaning services, of course, but they only visited once a week, and somehow, within three hours after the first cleaning, the contestants managed to restore the house to its previously disastrous state.  

At the very height of this mess was, of course, One Direction's bedroom.  When the boys had arrived seven days earlier, the carpet had been blank and smooth, the dresser empty, the beds clean and neatly made.  Now, it was positively unrecognizable. 

Undergarments and soiled shirts were draped across the doorknob and the wood of the bunk beds.  Half-empty orange juice cartons were nestled precariously among the empty, gaping suitcases.  The carpet was now a mere smatter of scarce beige patches, hidden beneath the mess on the floor.  The dresser?  It was no where to be found, and no one had the guts or the stupidity to attempt to uncover it in the havoc.  

While some of the lads were perfectly fine with living amongst the horror, Harry and Zayn being some of them-not to mention Louis, who seemed to be the sole cause of the mess itself- others were not so appreciative.  

Harry's head snapped upwards off his pillow and his bleary eyes widened with mingled fear and alarm as a piercing scream shot through the peaceful quiet of the early morning.  

"Whassat-" A very tired, very groggy Niall mumbled as he sat up in the bunk bed across from Harry, peering up at him.  

"Mm?" Harry grumbled, still looking grumpily around for the source of the noise.  He did not have long to look however; for another shriek sounded through the air right beside Harry's bunk, and he shifted slightly on the mattress to see Liam standing among a frighteningly massive heap of clothing, his shoulders hunched and one leg dangling in the air as he cringed.  

"Liam," Zayn groaned loudly from his place on the ground, rolling over and sending a second pile of clothes tumbling slowly to the ground.  At first, Harry had been quite upset with Zayn for taking what had seemed to be the best spot in the room, but now, he was quite thankful he had chosen a top bunk.  At least up here, he could escape the disaster waiting to smother him below.  "What are you on about?" Zayn moaned again, flinging a dark arm lazily over his eyes as the gentle grey morning light peered through the blind and settled on his face.  

"Something cold just touched my foot," Liam hissed, his voice notching with disgust and horror.  

"You probably just stepped on an ice cube or summit," Niall yawned, rolling his eyes and scooting noisily back beneath the blankets of his bed, clearly ready for another hour of sleep.  

"Would an ice cube be moving?" Liam snapped, his face contorting with anxiety.  Zayn simply shrugged.  

"Would be if you slipped on it." he mumbled.  

"That's it!" Liam whisper-yelled, careful not to rouse any of the other contestants.  "We are going to clean up this room, and we're going to clean it up today."

"Woah, woah, woah!" another voice added the jumble, a croaky, groggy, smooth voice, higher than the others.  Louis must have finally woken.  "I heard the words 'We' and 'Clean.'  Please tell me I was having a nightmare."  Harry snickered, digging his toes into the mattress and pushing himself over the edge of the bunk bed.  He allowed his torso to swing down over the wood, his knotted curls hanging beneath his head as he grinned at the sleepy form of Louis below.  

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