Chapter 7 ~ One Night

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"This hotel is the best!"

"I know!"

"Niall, you only like it because of the free room service."

"Yeah, so, what's your point?"

"Guys, how many drawers do you think are in the bathroom?"

"I dunno, go find out, detective Malik."

"That's Mister Malik to you, Horan!"

"Oi!  That's leprechaun to you, Mister Malik!"

"Shut up, the pair of you, you're making my kidney ache."

"Whatever.  Harry!  Stop flirting with the receptionist!"

"Calm down, Louis, he's not married."

"That's what you think," Harry said with a grin as he sidled away from the wide front desk and up to the gaggle of boys huddled in the corner of the enormous hotel lobby.  "As it so happens, Louis and I are happily engaged." He announced pompously, a haughty smirk on his lips as he stuck his nose pompously in the air, his arm linking tightly with Lou's.

"Yeah," Louis laughed, letting his fingers wind through Harry's.  "Sorry, lads, private wedding."  

"Private honeymoon, too," Harry mumbled in a jokingly seductive voice in Louis's ear, his lips sending the small, feathery wisps of caramel blowing about his tanned skin, and Louis laughed, his blue eyes bright, and jammed a finger playfully in Harry's gut as he began to tickle him.  

"N-no!  No!  Louis, you know I can't stand-" his protests were interrupted as a hysterical, steady stream of chuckles poured from his lips, and he doubled over Louis's hands, his own hands wrapping desperately around Lou's wrists as he struggled to detach them from his stomach.  

"Lads, what did we say about bromancing in public?" Liam laughed, rolling his eyes affectionately at the two boys while they goofed around.  

"Yeah, Louis!" Harry managed between snickers, his eyes beginning to water as he batted feebly at Louis's hand.  "No bromance in public!"

"Fine," Louis sighed dramatically, relinquishing his grip on the younger lad and taking a step away.  "I suppose we'll have to save it for our honeymoon." His eyebrows waggled playfully, and Harry grinned, shaking his head in mingled amusement and disbelief.  Liam anxiously eyed the receptionist as she strolled around the front desk and started towards their gaggle in a business-like strut, hands clasped.  They had only been inside the facility for seven and a half minutes; they hadn't already been booted, had they?  But as the woman allowed a sly smile to dawn on her lips and popped her hip, the boys realised that she had no intention of kicking them out.  

"How are we doing today, boys?" she asked with a wide grin as her pinched, brown eyes roamed over the five of them.  

"Uh, brilliantly," Louis said uncertainly, raising his eyebrows at Niall.  It wasn't customary for receptionists to personally greet the guests in a secluded corner of the lobby with a flirtatious smile and a bat of her eyelashes, was it?  Somehow, Louis didn't think so.  

"May I show you to your bedroom, sir?" she asked, her eyes locking on Harry's, and a slow smirk dawned on his lips.  Well, now, isn't that just implicative? Louis thought, annoyed, and the corner of his mouth turned down slightly as he watched Harry and the receptionist shamelessly toy with each other.  He had become so incredibly used to Harry's close attention over the past couple of weeks that he had forgotten how it felt to feel so...Forgotten.  Unnoticed.  He didn't like that feeling, and he knew he didn't want to feel it again.  He was barely conscious of the way his fingers wrapped tightly, possessively around Harry's forearm and gave him a gentle tug as his other hand clutched the handle of his suitcase, lifting it slightly.  

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