Chapter II- Heart of Glass

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I woke up the next morning with a massive headache. I didn't know where I was at first, but then all the events from last night came rushing back. I sat up and felt like I was going to cry again, but refused to let myself. I rubbed my eyes and walked over to the part of my motel room that was connected with the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided I needed to shower. I turned on the hot water and stripped from my dirty clothes. I brushed through my hair with my fingers a much as I could.
My face was tender and red from my tears and the constant rubbing of tissues. I decided that after this I would go out to town and buy some new clothes. It would be best to start off sort of fresh. I jumped in the shower and soaked myself in the water. I couldn't get the image of my parents death out of my mind. I wanted to give up and do nothing, fearful that this thing would get the best of me, but I couldn't do that. I needed to look through that box and find out all I could about my parents. I needed answers.

I finished my shower and redressed in my dirty clothes. I walked over to my back pack and pulled out my parent's box. It's dark brown with golden lining, it has golden symbols all around the side. I don't know what they meant, but they seemed to be in Latin. There was a lock on the lid, and I didn't have a key. I twirled the key shaped necklace my parents had given me for my birthday in my fingers, it had to be this one. I hadn't realized that the key was for anything to open, my parents had told me it was simply the key to their heart.

I quickly took the necklace off and tried it in the lock. It fit, and I twisted it, popping the lock open. I smile happily, and put the necklace back on. I open the lid and crinkle my eyebrows at what I find inside. The first thing I see are newspaper clippings. There was one about a murder where a girl was found in a ditch in the middle of the forest with her heart ripped out of her chest, and another about a man who was found hanging above a car by a rope. I looked through the rest, they were all strange and unusual deaths. At the bottom of the stack of newspapers there was letter and a small dagger. I picked up the dagger and examimed it. It was gold and brown just like the box, with the same words in Latin on it. I put it on the table next to me and picked up the letter. I opened the sealed envelope and looked at the white paper inside. I carefully pulled the note out and examined it. It looke like an ordinary piece of paper, I unfold it and read what it says.


If you're reading this then something bad has happened to me and your mother. I want you to know that we love you, and we're sorry that we had to leave you. There's no easy way to explain this, so I'll just have to shoot. There's something strange you don't know about us. Your mother and I hunt "monsters". Vampires, ghosts, werewolves, spirits, anything that puts people in danger we track and kill. All of the times we've had to leave you baby girl have been to save the lives of others who needed our help.

You may not understand, but since you were young we've not been around enough. I will always regret this, but it's part of our job and duty to this world. I don't want you to think that we've been lying to you, we were just trying to protect you. The only wish I have for you is that you don't chose the same career path as your mother and I have. It's tiring, dangerous, and foolish. Go to college, get good grades, and make us proud, like you always have.

I want you to go down to South Dakota to live with my friend, Bobby Singer. He will explain everything and answer your questions. He will teach you everything you need to know, but I've asked him to not teach you the ways of a hunter. I don't doubt that if you asked him, he would break his promise to me and teach you how to be safe, but otherwise, if you don't ask, he won't tell. I hope you chose wisely.

Go to the block garage and get the car, I showed you where it is in section 5 block 14. Your key necklace should open the lock on the garage, but the keys to the car are in the secret drawer. Use the money in my acount, that should last you for everything you need to get to Bobby and more. We love you, never forget that.

Mom and Dad

P.S. Call bobby. The number is on the back of this page.

I turn the note over and sigh. This was strange, what was he saying about monsters? The confusion was taking over, and I needed answers quickly. I put everything in my backpack and throw it over my shoulder. I check out of the room and walk to the garage where my dad kept the old car. It was a hike, but it was worth it if I got to use the car.

When I got to the garage I took off my key necklace and opened the lock. I lifted the garage door by its handle and took a look at the beautiful car in front of me. It was a black Shelby Mustang Cobra, and if my Dad didn't have my Mom and me, he would have been out here every day polishing and working on his baby. It was a tradition for him to take me once a month when I was younger to see it and ride around, but as I got older the visits stopped. I grabbed the keys out of the "secret drawer" and unlocked the sleek black door. I slide into the drivers side and shut the door carefully behind me. I put in my dad's ACDC album and the first song that started playing was "You Shook Me All Night Long". I smile and grab my dad's aviator sunglasses. I put them on and pull out of the garage.

I smile to myself as I drive along. It felt like I had a connection with my dad right now, even though he's no longer with me. This was one of his favorite things to do. Crank up the old car and blast ACDC while driving around town.

I drive the next town over so no one would recognize me. I pulled up outside the clothing store and get out my dad's credit card. I buy a few pairs of jeans and a lot of shirts and underwear. I even bought some new bras. I also bought a small duffle bag for my new clothes.

I go to the trunk of my car and open it, expecting it to be empty so I can put my new clothes in the back, but I got a surprise instead. The trunk was loaded with guns and knifes and any other kind of weapon you could think of. I looked around quickly and shut the trunk. No one had seen, but I prayed that a cop wouldn't pull me over. Of course I had a gun license, but I don't know if it covered all of this...

I take a deep breath of air and calmly got in the front seat, throwing my new stuff in the back. I think now would be a good time to call Bobby, so I pull out my cell phone from my back pack and dial the number from the back of my father's letter. The phone rang about three times before I got an answer.

"Hello?" I hear a deep, scruffy voice with a hint of a country accent hoot from the other end of the line. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and respond.

"Um... Hi, my name's Layla and I'm Gordon Bernard's daughter." I say and there was silence from the other end of the phone.

"What happened to Gordon?" Bobby asked and I close my eyes, rubbing my forehead to sooth the oncoming headache.

"Umm... I don't know." I say and my voice cracked from trying to hold back the tears. Bobby was silent again, but I hear him sigh.

"Do you need a place to stay?" He asks. I nod my head even though I knew he wouldn't see it.

"Yes." I say.

"So why don't you just come down here, you've got a map right?" He asked and I confirmed.

"Good, now since your coming from Colorado, get onto the interstate and follow interstate 25 north to Montana, and then turn right onto interstate 94." He paused and I wrote that down on the back of my father's letter to me. "When you get to North Dakota, I want you to call me and I'll give you directions from there." He says and I guess he isn't going to say anything else. He seems pretty simply, it's nice.

"Thank you, Bobby." I say.

"Alright, well, just be careful on your way up here." Bobby says and hangs up the phone. I throw my phone down in the passenger seat and start the car. I put it into gear and pull out of the parking lot. I put my dad's sunglasses on and head out to the interstate.

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