"Please. I just need to read like two more chapters and then I am done. I promise after we can do whatever you want." He ponders that for a moment before leaning down kissing me on the cheek and then he gets off me.

I eventually finish reading the two chapter but Logan fell asleep in the middle and he looked like he was having a good dream because he was smiling for the longest time. I quietly walk into the kitchen trying not to wake Logan up and grab a snack. I look through most of the cabinets until my eyes land on the big jar of, wait for it, artificial cherries. I grab the jar and plop down on the counter eating them straight from the jar.

I hear the phone ringing and quickly run to grab it so I don’t wake Logan up.

ME *Hello*

*Hi Amber.*

Me*Um hello? I am sorry but who is this?*

*Oh my bad. I was just a little nervous. I am Veronica.*

ME* hi Veronica?! *

*You have still have no idea who I am, do you? Of course you don't. Why would you? I am Logan's Dad's fiancé. *

ME* Oh…um...Logan is asleep. Can I take a message?*

*Actually I wanted to talk to you. I don’t know what Logan has said about me, but I can imagine it is not pretty. I am guessing something around the lines of me being a mistress and having a bastard child.*

ME* Oh…well no he…eeeh*

*Don't worry about it Sweetie. I do deserve it, don't I? I am the Mistress and I am having a baby.*

ME* Is there a reason you wanted to talk to me?*

*Oh yeah. You probably know Mr. Clifton and I are getting married. I was hoping you could help me out. I just want Logan to be there and I tried calling him, but

he won’t answer my calls.*

Me* What do you want me to do?*

*I was hoping you could convince Logan to come. I know you don’t owe me anything and we have never met but I just don’t want this baby to miss out on meeting their half sibling. I know you may not believe me but Mr. Clifton loves Logan a lot. When we were together ...before… he would always talk about his son and how proud he was him.  I want my son or daughter to know this about Logan and I want Logan to meet them but I can't get it started unless I get Logan at the wedding.*

ME*Um. I know this is important to you and all but I tried telling him to go to the wedding once and he just got angry, which resulted in a fight. I don't think me saying anything is going to work.*

*So you and Logan are dating then?*

Me* Yeah. We just started to. Wait, how did you know we are dating?*

*Oh I went to meet Logan once at school to try to convince him to come to the wedding and before I got a chance to talk to him he was talking to you or who I assume you are. His face told me everything I needed to know. I didn’t ask any questions because I doubt he would want to tell me anything but yeah.*

Me* Veronica, I will try to bring it up but if I can’t I am sorry. Oh and Congratulations on the baby and the wedding. I should probably go before Logan wakes up.*

* Thank you so much Amber. Logan is a very lucky guy to get a sweet girlfriend like you.*

I walk slowly to the counter just letting that whole conversation sink in. Do I tell Logan she called or do I just pretend that didn’t happen? I should have asked her that. I hate it when you sit there rerunning a conversation through your head and all these things pop into your head that you should have asked during the interaction. I grab my jar of cherries and proceed to eat them unsure of what to really make of Veronica or the situation in general. I guess since it is Logan's decision, I should let him make it. 

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