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Yoongi lays on his comfy bed in his brightly colored room, his head smushed between two pillows. He sobs into them making the fabric wet and start to stain a bit.

He hears a light knock at his door but he loudly yells at the person to go away, he hears the footsteps fade and he sits up and wipes his face with the back of his hand.

The fragile boy brings his knees up to his chest. He tries his hardest not to cry but he feels his eyes start to water again.

A deep pout appears on his red face, he wants to be strong for Jeonggukkie but his feelings are getting the best of him.

Yoongi wipes his face again then peers down to look at what he was wearing. He almost forgot he still had the uncomfortable outfit he made on because of his emotions taking up most of his head.

He doesn't want to think of this night any longer so he makes his way over to his sticker covered drawers and takes out a pair of warm and fuzzy pajamas. His outfit falls to the floor and he puts his comforting pajamas on. He pouts once again as he looks at the revealing clothes on the floor.

The upset boy feels anger build put inside of him and he kicks the pile of clothes to the corner of his room. He stomps his foot on the floor with irritation as he thinks back to what his mother said. Why should I listen to her, huh!? If I want my Jeonggukkie I will have my Jeonggukkie! Who is she to tell me to stay away from him!? 

His pout soon turns into a scowl as he starts to get more and more riled up. His mind soon only fills up with rage and he feels the urge to breaks things for the first time in his life.

He stomps over to his large pile of soft toys and starts to rip their heads off one by one, he knows his mothers spent loads of money on his toys but that just makes breaking them feel even better.

When he's done with his toys he peers around the bright room to look for more items to destroy, still with a large scowl painted onto his once soft looking face.

His eyes lock onto his much loved full length mirror, he stalks his way up to it and stares at his reflection.

Red eyes, red face, an angry frown, balled up fists and fast rising chest.

He gasps at himself and finally realized what he was doing. Yoongi's eyes well up with fat tears and he lets his body fall to the floor. He sobs knowing this was the wrong thing to do, but he hadn't gotten into trouble before so that was the only thing he could think to do.

Yoongi crawls over to his desk and grabs the drawing he made of him and Jeongguk. He hugs it to his chest and thinks about Jeongguk and how that boy made his heart flutter.

The time goes by quickly and he soon finds himself drifting into a light sleep.


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