Chapter 4

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Aro was making breakfast for everyone since he was the only one who knows how to actually cook a healthy breakfast. Whereas if it was Dylon there would be too much meat. Aviss on the other hand would forget that breakfast is even a meal since he always chooses to skip it. He then heard a knock on the door and put the utensils down and opened the door to see Akali standing at the front. "Akali! It's surprising to see you...specially this early, and at my house..." Aro said a bit excited with a hint of confusion. "Hey there, our bus broke down and we don't have anywhere to go without getting hounded by paparazzi. So would you mind if me and the girls stayed a few nights at your house?" She asked. "Of course! Mi casa es tu Casa." Aro said as showed her inside. "Thank you! I'll be right back with the girls." She said as she ran back to her friends. "Who was that?" Aviss said scratching his head, "uhh nobody. Don't worry about it." Aro said quickly. Aviss's eyes narrowed at his childhood friend. "Who did you talk to?" Aviss demanded.

Suddenly a knock and a female voice piped up, "Aro?! It's Akali! I have the girls here! Thank you for letting us stay a few nights at your house!" The voice said. Aviss looked at Aro with soulless eyes, to which Aro just ran to the door and let them in. Aro served the girls breakfast, all of them enjoyed the meal prepared by the magic user. "This is delicious!" Kai said as she ate her food. "This is fine cuisine right here." Evelynn said wiping her mouth with a napkin, trying to be classy. Akali just stuffed her face with the food and Ahri was taking her time. Aro smiled widely at the compliments but felt his blood freeze when he saw Aviss stabbing the sausage links while making eye contact with him. "Not gonna lie, it's pretty cool you're letting us stay in your room Aviss! I kinda thought you were this absolute jackass with no friends." Akali said smiling. Aviss just gave her a smile while gritting his teeth. "Of course! Not like I didn't know if you guys needed somewhere to stay." He said as he ate his breakfast. "Uh so where's your other friend?" Ahri said looking around curiously. "Think he's out back." Aro said. "Usually he's up early practicing his quickdraw stuff and shooting."

Aviss then got up, "I'm gonna be right back." He then got up and went to his room. "Ok you're vibrating like a cat that's comfortable, what is it?" Aviss asked Elpis. "Finally I got your attention! I wanted to ask if you wanted to learn a very neat trick." Elpis asked. Aviss then crossed his arms. "Alright you got my attention..."

The girls started watching Dylon preform party tricks with his guns. "Alright watch this. I'm gonna shoot those bottles without aiming at them!" He said with a smile. "There's no way." Evelynn said shaking her head. "Alright sugar. Put your money where your mouth is.~" Dylon said with a wink. "Dinner." She said firmly. "I don't know cowboy. Evelynn is pretty much one of the best gamblers in our group." Kai said. "Yeah, she can read you like a book and find stuff about you that you didn't even know you knew." Akali said. "Well y'all haven't met me." Dylon said. He then saw the bottle and took out a coin, he then flipped it up for everyone to see and fired at it, causing the bullet to ricochet and hit the bottle. Everyone but Evelynn cheered who was just dumbfounded that she was outplayed. "Hey Dylon! Want to do something for me?" Aviss said coming to the yard. "Yeah what is it?" Dylon asked. "I want you to try and shoot me, see if I can block some of your shots." Aviss said with a cocky grin. "Last time that happened you ended up in the hospital!" Dylon said.

"That's cause you shot me in the leg when I was telling you to shoot at my chest!" Aviss replied.

"Expect the unexpected!! Enemies won't just go for your chest! They'll go for your legs too!" Dylon said. "Whatever! Are you gonna do it or not!?" Aviss said. "Ok ok ok, don't say I didn't warn you." Aviss then gets ready with his staff drawn and Dylon holsters his gun. He then draws and fires at his forehead, to which he turns to sand.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Dylon screams out. The girls stood there a bit awestruck that they just saw that with their own two eyes. "Aviss...? Are you under that pile of sand..?" Dylon said as he approached the sand, putting his feet onto it. He then felt a tap on his shoulder and Dylon backhanded the figure with his gun, a loud crack was heard and Aviss held his nose. "You dumbass!!! Mother of-!! OW!!!! Why?!" Aviss said as he screamed holding his nose. "What's wrong with you?!? What? Did you not expect me to not backhand you like my bitch?!" Dylon said catching his breath. "Ok ok we want an explanation on how the hell you managed to do that." Ahri said putting her hand on her hips. "Ok ok." Aviss said as he fixed his nose. "So remember me crashing through the window and ruining your lunches? Well, I was being chased cause I stole this from a crypt." Aviss said as he held out the staff. "Supposedly a Darkin named Elpis is trapped within this staff and he's been talking to me. And recently he just taught me that trick that you guys just witnessed." Aviss said. Everyone was waiting for a "Psych!" Or something from Aviss but from the look on his eyes they knew he wasn't kidding. Ahri, Akali And Kai begin to freak out a little bit. "We gotta destroy that thing! Better yet we gotta destroy you! You could be a Darkin!!" Akali said as she grabbed a pan. Ahri grabbing a kitchen knife and Kai grabbing a cheese grater. "Girls calm down, it's pretty clear he's not a Darkin. Besides there's other people like Aviss wielding Darkin infused weapons. Heard some guy named Kayn owns one." She said calmly. The girls then put down their utensils of death down and crossed their arms. "We'll keep an eye on that. Anything with Darkin stuff is bad juju." Ahri said. Aro then came out. "Girls, I just got off the phone with your agent and he said the bus is gonna be down for a week or two." He said. "So that means we'll be crashing that ok with you guys?" Akali asked. "It's ok with us!" Aro said, not even including his friends into the discussion. "So then let's talk rooms, who wants to sleep with me?" Evelynn asked smiling. The girls froze and looked away, "no offense Eve but your appendages are a bit...touchy." Kai said smiling a little embarrassedly. "Ahri and I can sleep together though!" Kai said. "Sounds fun!" Ahri said smiling with her ears twitching. "Y'all can take my room. It can fit two people, just don't go snooping." Dylon said. "Thank you!" They said as they ran upstairs. "Well cowboy, do you wanna try and sleep with me? I promise I'm not that bad." Evelynn said with a sinister smile. "Ha ha ha sorry but I'll just sleep in the hammock outside. You can keep the bed to yourself." Dylon said as he patted he hammock. "Boo you're no fun" Evelynn teased. "Eve you can take my room. Wait, can I call you Eve?" Aro asked. "Of course! You're super sweet to us so you can call me that." She said pulling on his cheeks. She then went upstairs to his room leaving Akali with the boys. "Ok ok, well since everyone is giving up their room I'll let you sleep in mine. BUT! You can't mess anything up." Aviss said. "Such a gentleman." Aro said snickering. "Thanks." Akali said as she went to her room. "Jeez man could you try and sound nicer?" Dylon asked. "Shut up or-"

"Or what? Gonna turn me into a sand castle?" Dylon said interpolating Aviss. Aviss then just smacked Dylon in the back of the head and everyone got settled in.

Later at night

Aviss was setting himself up on the couch when he saw Akali come down wearing some sweats and a tank. "Hey, you going to sleep?" Akali asked. "No just making the couch look like a bed." Aviss said with a small laugh. "Funny." Akali said rubbing her arms. "Listen, I'm sorry for kinda taking your room, I know you really don't want us here." Akali said. "It's ok, besides I've had a lot more things bother me than you guys just coming in. Besides I would've let you guys sleep here anyway. I know what it's like to get unwanted attention." Aviss said. Akali just looked around, not knowing what else to say. "You know, you look like someone who appreciates fine literature." Aviss said, he then took out some comics and handed some to her. She smiled a small bit and held them tight. "Thanks Aviss."

"No problem...and if you ever got any dark pasts and need to talk...I'm here." Aviss said. Akali froze in her place. "How did you-"

"Trust me. I got an eye for those kinda people. After all I don't even talk to these turds about my past." Aviss said cutting her off. "If you ever wanna share, you can always come to me." Aviss said, uncharacteristicly cracking a smile for her. She nodded and went upstairs to sleep. Aviss then lied on the couch getting ready to sleep.

"Well isn't that such a tender moment?" Elpis said as he was leaning on the wall where Aviss placed him. "Shut up or I'll just turn you to a toilet plunger." Aviss said before turning in for the night.

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