Rollerskating pt. 2

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  (If it get confusing at the time she's dancing. There's flashbacks about the man that killed you taping you and taking pornagrapic pictures of you. I know it's disturbing and kinda confusing but I'll all come together. Thank you for reading.)

I...I don't know about this (y/n) I don't know how to skate or anything and-." He started. You sighed and dragged him into the rink.

"Here."You handed him a pair of blood and strawberry red skates. "Put these on and shuffle your way over there." You said as you pointed to the back of the rink. "That's how we get on the rink. Any questions?" You asked him putting skates on.

"No. Thank you dear." He said as he awkwardly shuffled to the back of the rink.

You shuffled to him and grabbed his hand. "Ready?" You asked him with a hint of worry. At least, worry for his safety. "Ready as I'll ever be dear."

You yanked him onto the wooden floors and he immediately fell onto his ass. You couldn't help but laugh. "What's so funny?!" He asked trying to stand up. But he fell back into his ass again. You laughing turned into wheezing.

After about 5 minutes of laughing and making fun of him. You finally helped him up.

"Watch." You pushed your feet out and in with your hands behind your back. You went the full circle and when you got back you him you hooked arms with him. He started to skate like you.

"This is fun!" He said looking to the bright yellow walls. "Yes. Yes. It is fun. Then.. you get into it." You said with a smirk. You skated nto the DJ and asked him for a specific song. "Lights..."

"Oh hey baby girl! Give me a pose here comes the lights!"


"Smile for the camera ya slut!!!"


"Go! Honey go!!!"

The beat started up. Em grabbed Kate's shoulder. "(y/n)'s getting her dick back."

  "Let's hear it for the boy~!"

"Let's give the boy a haaAaNnnD~"

You skated to Alastor, grabbed him by the shoulders and swung him around. He laid a small kiss on your sweet sugary lips.

Time skip

When the early hours of the morning came you got home. "Jesus, 12:00?!" You asked yourself.

You laid in bed for a long time until.

Ring Ring!


It's (y/n). I need you to come over now.


I can't sleep.

I'll be there.


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