Intro: Who am I now

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Who am I now? I couldn't tell you.

The simplicity of self-realization
Is it's most complex characteristic.
I could give a list and even then,
None of them would be the answer.

I could tell you that I study art.
The power to move others with colors and shapes,
Was a talent of sister's I'd always admired.
In pursuit of freedom and beauty,
I've found the voice to inspire.
But is that the me that I am now?
No. I am not my sister.

I could tell you that I play video games.
Immersed in a world indifferent to who I am,
Only caring about who I appear to be.
I could tell you that I am a daughter and a sister,
A runner, a designer, a lover,
And a liar.
But is that the me I am now?
No. I'm not either of them tonight.

Maybe in my search for a permanent face
Between breathing mirrors and clouded words,
There was someone I forgot to be.
A part of me I simply couldn't see.
A fragment of my soul buried under emotional debris.
Lost in the sea of nobodies,
Desperate to be somebody.
To be anybody.

And I think that's... okay.
Because there's a whole world out there waiting for me.
With places I've yet to see,
Tears I've yet to cry,
Heights I've yet to fall from,
And people I've yet to meet.
My life is ever changing like the seasons,
And so is the person I am becoming.

Who am I now? I couldn't tell you.
But, damn...

I can't wait to find out.

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