Chapter 6 ~ The City

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Louis blinked as a pink, blonde-haired, blue-eyed blur shot across his vision, and before he knew it, he was being knocked to the ground by a bundle of thin, flailing limbs.  

“Woah, calm down!  Lou’s got to catch his breath,” he laughed, shielding his face with his hands as his little sister scrambled off of him.  

“You’re back!” Daisy shrieked.  “Phoebe!  Fizzy!  Lottie!  Lou’s back!”  Louis grinned as he grabbed Daisy’s hands in his own and held her down while he climbed to his feet.  

“I missed you, Daisy-Maisy,” he smiled.  

“Up!” she pouted, stretching her knobby arms in the air, and Louis sighed, putting his arms around her waist and lifting her onto his hip.  

“Me too, Louis!” a second shriek, identical to Daisy’s, sounded in his ears, and he glanced up to see Phoebe tumbling towards him, her thin, blonde hair flying behind her. 

“Oh, no!” he moaned with a grin.  “Double trouble!”  Grunting, he wrapped his other arm around Phoebe and hoisted her onto his chest.  

“Did you miss me, Lou?” she giggled, pecking Louis’s lips lightly with her own.  

“Course I did,” he sighed wearily.  “Where have your sisters got to?”  

“Who cares?” Daisy pouted, her pink lower lip jutting out as her arms squeezed Louis’s neck. 

“Ouch!  Watch the merchandise, Dee,” he winced, and she giggled.  Suddenly, he felt an enormous impact on his back as something warm, dainty, and strong collided with him, sending him stumbling forward on the sidewalk, his eyes widening with alarm.  A third pair of arms had tautened around his neck.  

“Fizz,” he groaned, gasping for breath as he struggled to bear the weight of three young girls.  

“Hi, Louis!” his second sister chirped, and Louis couldn’t help but roll his eyes as she mussed his hair.  

“All right, everyone off.  Louis needs to get his things.”  

“I’ll help you!” Daisy said quickly, jumping out of Louis’s grasp and dashing for his car.  

“No, I’ll help!” Phoebe shouted, clambering down Louis’s leg and running after Daisy.  

“I’m still his favourite!” Fizzy shouted as she scrambled off of Lou’s back and hurrying to the car.  Louis smiled, pleased with himself. 

He grabbed one of his duffel bags and traipsed towards the house, followed by a trio of giggling girls, all weighed down with his luggage.  

“There’s my boy,” his mum’s voice chorused from the kitchen, and Louis turned to see her walking towards him, her arms stretched out.  

“Hi, mum,” he grinned, setting down his bag to hug her.  

“How was it?” she asked.  

“Brilliant,” Louis exclaimed happily.  “The lads and I get on really well, especially Harry.  He came up with our new band name, ‘One Direction.’  What do you think?” he asked.  

“Calm down, Louis, one thing at a time,” Jay chuckled.  “And I think it’s great.  Tell this Harry lad that I send him my compliments.”  

“You can tell him personally, if you like,” Louis said eagerly.  “I’m about to ring him up.”  

“Not until you get unpacked, you’re not,” his mother said sternly, and Louis sighed.  

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