Yandere! Villain! Waifu! Deku

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He enjoyed being the stay at home wife, it brought joy to his heart knowing (Y/n) could come home and see him cooking for her. She fed into his desires, she bought him that cute pink apron he wanted and bought him all the hero merch he wanted. She was really the perfect spouse. He loved her more than anything.

That's why she couldn't find out about his double life. She's known him for so long, since they were little kids, but she still didn't know about him being a villain. He didn't want her to know. She was so happy just to be married to him, they were even talking about having a baby! If she found out now it would ruin everything! Shoto was aware of his boss' wife and how he wanted to keep their secret life a secret. Izuku refused to call it lying. The thought of lying to his love made him cringe and want to break down in tears. He lied to himself so he wouldn't feel guilty.

(Y/n) was close friends with Shoto, knowing him since childhood. He was protective over her and sometimes Izuku was thankful. She was a Pro Hero but she had a soft heart. She wanted to help everyone and that often got her into unwanted trouble. It's not like he didn't like that about her, he loved it actually. It was one of the things that made Izuku so obsessed with her. However, there were times when he didn't appreciate Shoto's caring for his wife. (Y/n) may have seen it as Shoto just being friendly, but Izuku knew better.

The first time he saw it he was watching his love on the TV. She had just gotten done rescuing children from a fire. She was getting interviewed by reporters, Shoto by her side. She was smiling widely, explaining how she truly cared for the well being of people and that's why she became a rescue hero. Of course Shoto was being quiet, but as Izuku watched closer he realized something odd.

Shoto had the look. He was looking at (Y/n) with loving and obsessed eyes. It was the same look Izuku gave her on a daily basis so of course he noticed it. He didn't feel betrayed. Not even mad. How could he be? His love was a great hero, number one, of course she had people that liked her. In fact, he'd feel attacked if they didn't. But he knew Shoto. He knew that Shoto wouldn't act on his feelings. (Y/n) was a loyal person. If Shoto admitted his feelings for her she would shut that down very quickly, all the while trying to stay his best friend.

Izuku knew this, that's why he wasn't worried.

Not in the slightest.


"Zuku, I'm home!" (Y/n) walked in the door, carrying in some Chinese takeout. Izuku hadn't been feeling well lately and she decided it would be a good idea to get him something. She had all the money in the world, but she decided to get something simple. She liked simple things. "Love!" A sick Izuku clung to her when she entered the house. Not that she was shocked, this was an everyday thing for them.

"You're sick, you should be in bed." (Y/n) said, leading her Waifu to the couch, smiling sweetly. "I was! But I heard you when you came home!"

He was so sweet.

Sweet little murderous waifu.

~~~ I love this AU so much, like this was so self indulgent. What should I do next?

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