The End!

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So, that is it!

After several months of writing (and crying) The Factory Girl is officially over and the sequel is going to be just as exciting (hopefully). 

Honestly, I want to thank you all so much for reading this book week after week and being here as it progressed over the past few months. It meant so much for me to see all of your usernames appearing in the comments and I could get really excited when I woke up in the morning to see several notifications about comments. I couldn't wait to see your reactions to every chapter and every event as it unfolded. 

Making the Featured List with this book was like a dream come true, it was something I had wanted for so long and I was so pleased when it finally happened. Finally making that list gave me the opportunity to meet all of you and see just how much the book impacted you all. The list had been the dream, but it allowed me to interact with some amazing people. 

So, you're probably all wondering, what happens next?

Well, I want to post a Q&A chapter answering any questions you may have about this book and its sequel so leave whatever questions you may have in the comments below and I will answer them in another chapter!

I also want to attempt to pursue publication with this book but nothing will be changing here on Wattpad. Any edits will remain off-site.

Also, on Tuesday 21st May, the sequel Summary will be posted as an extra chapter here and on my profile so you can add it to your reading list. 

The sequel will go live on the 28th! This will give me the opportunity to write the first chapter and finish my uni Assignments. 

Keep an eye out for the sequel information next week and the first chapter the week after that!

Thank you all so much and I shall see you in two weeks!

-Amelia (Spruce_Goose)

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