Yandere! Jiro Kyouka

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Fun fact about the author : I cosplay Jiro ALL OF THE TIME

Jiro smiled holding her girlfriends hand as they walked in the mall together. It was pleasant, being together that is. (Y/n) had been busy with a medical study she'd been doing, so they never really had a lot of time to spend together. It made Jiro upset, sure, but she was just glad they got to see each other now. Nights would go by when Jiro wouldn't see her girlfriend until the next day.
It was upsetting.

"What do you think? Strawberry or vanilla?" (Y/n) asked pointing to the ice cream place that was in the mall. Jiro smiled widely and told her strawberry.
Her smile faded immediately.

It was Kaminari and Mineta.

The purple headed girl groaned, telling her girlfriend to forget about the ice cream. She honestly just wanted to leave before the boys saw them. It was too late for that, apparently.
"Hey, (Y/n)!" Kaminari shouted across the mall, waving at the two girls. They were obviously on a date, why did he think it would be a good idea to bother them?
Being the kind person she was, (Y/n) waved back, smiling sweetly. Jiro growled softly under her breath, her cheeks puffing out.
"Hey, Kaminari, Mineta, how are you today?" (Y/n) greeted as the two boys walked over, interrupting the date Jiro had waited so long to go on.
"Oh, are you two on a date?"
Yes, so can you please leave?


"You look annoyed, what's wrong?" The taller girl questioned, pulling Jiro down on their bed to cuddle. The punk girl simply started to nibble on (Y/n)'s neck, taking notice of the shocked reaction it got from her girlfriend.
"They interrupted my time with you," Jiro flipped the two of them, she was now on top of (Y/n).

"I think I deserve some more attention."

Jiro wasn't going to tell (Y/n) how she threatened the two boys after you went to get some drinks.

That wasn't really important.

I was thinking of making a Yandere! Villain! Waifu! Deku. What do you guys think?
(If you don't know what that AU is you're seriously missing out)

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