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THE FOLLOWING Monday seemed to come too fast for Charlotte. Soon enough she was back in the east wing of the school, standing at her locker as she moved books and notebooks from her new black backpack—a cheap one her father had picked up on Saturday—and into her locker.

She lifted her head and jumped away just as the pale blue metal door to her locker flew shut. A scowl immediately formed on her face and she looked to see who was standing there with a smug grin on his face.

She was really starting to hate that face.

"Not happy to see me, red?" Daniel asked, to which Charlotte just rolled her eyes and put her backpack on her shoulder. She could get her other books later.

So she turned around, tucking her hair behind her ear. She started walking down the hall, determined to ignore him. This was all something she just wanted to leave behind her.

"Ignoring me now? Come on, you can't pretend we didn't have fun Friday night!" Daniel nearly shouted down the hallway. Charlotte froze in her steps and looked around frantically, cheeks burning and eyes wide. And she was sure he was perfectly aware of how wrong that sounded.

"Will you shut up?" She hissed at him, turning around. He was standing behind her, leather jacket-clad arms crossed over his chest. "Absolutely nothing happened Friday night, except for you sneaking into my house!"

"Yes but you can't deny it was fun." Daniel smirked. She really hated that smirk.

"It wasn't. And why are you even talking to me? Until a few days ago, you didn't give a damn about me." The redhead snapped, crossing her own arms over her blue blouse. She smirked to herself in a small sense of victory when she saw Daniel's expression falter, if only momentarily.

"Watching someone's bag split open in front of you and seeing their stuff can tell you a lot about a person, and it got me interested in you." Daniel's smirk only seemed to grow when he moved his hand up and moved some red hairs from her face that had moved when she snapped.

Charlotte's lips curled into a frown and she stepped away from him, shaking her head at him. "Well you shouldn't. Just go back to how things were; you making all your trouble and me... being me." She settled on that and turned around, keeping her head straight even when she heard his teasing voice calling "red" a few times over.

Adeliza was standing against her locker, arms crossed and her expression reading disapproval when Charlotte came walking over to her. "What were you doing talking to that troublemaker?" The brunette's tone was laced with annoyance, clearly for the boy in question.

"Just—it's a long story, okay?" Charlotte sighed and tilted her head back as the bell rang for first period. She put a smile on her face, like she did when she wanted a friend to cheer up. She cared about them like that. "Come on, I'll tell you later." She promised and laced her arm with Adeliza, leading her to first period even with the incessant questions leaving the older girl's lip.

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