Yandere! Yaoyorozu Momo (Ft. Yandere! Todoroki Shoto)

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Momo was absolutely lovestruck. This girl, who was Todoroki's twin sister, was the light of her life. Although they were twins, (Y/n) was very different from her brother. She was optimistic and tried her best to cheer her friends on. She also wasn't in the Hero Course. Momo herself didn't know all of the details, but she knew it had something to do with their very sexist father. It wasn't like (Y/n)'s Quirk was a weak one, she just didn't enroll in the Hero Course. On the day of the festival she was home 'sick'.

In Momo's mind, (Y/n) would have made an amazing hero, but the girl insisted that the hero work was more for her brother. She was happy just supporting him from the background. Speaking of the other Todoroki, he seemed very protective over his sister. He always walked her around school and made sure she got to her classes safely. You never saw (Y/n) without her brother. It made it excessively difficult for Momo to get alone with (Y/n).

She knew he was doing it on purpose. He looked at her with blazing eyes while they were in class, and not in the good way. He was just as crazed about her as Momo was and it was kind of disgusting. Momo went to her good friend Iida about it, but he just waved her off.

"Of course he's protective of her, she is his younger sister."

To Momo, it seemed like the older Todoroki had unhealthy feelings for his sister.

If anyone knew of their situation, they would have called Momo a hypocrite. After all, Todoroki was doing the same thing as her. He was making her avoid people, keeping a close eye on her, stalking her. They both did all of those things and the thought of another doing so was messing with their sanity.

Momo never had a problem with Todoroki Shoto.

Not until now anyway.


"(Y/n), lets go home." Shoto grabbed his sisters hand and dragged her along to the door of the classroom. She was just in the middle of a conversation with Momo. "Sho, that's rude. I was in the middle of a conversation!" The happy-go-lucky girl scolded her twin, though she didn't struggle against going with him. Momo had decided she had enough.

"Todoroki." Momo's voice was stern and cold, her eyes blazing. She knew how strong the teen was, but her feelings for (Y/n) were even stronger. Fear welled up in the younger Todoroki's eyes. "Are we really going to do this?" He stepped in front of his sister, ice building up on his arm. When Momo nodded he smirked, shocking the raven haired girl

"You can't possibly think that you're the first one, can you?" Shoto asked. "You can't possibly think I'll give her up that easily, can you?" Momo shot back, summoning a weapon.

This was going to take a while.

~~~ I'm kind of on a roll today, I'm going to write even more!

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