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Pen Your Pride

I stared at the text message. Great. I'm gonna have another sleepless night. But what does "A" have planned for us? A creepy doll? A picture of Saw? No, worse. Probably death.

We all sat there in silence. I heard the sound of something falling on the ground, and crashing into pieces. "Spencer?" I said. "What was that?"

"I'm not sure." she said. She stood up and ran up the stairs. We all got up and followed her. I saw Spencer in her room, staring at something. I walked inside and gasped.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I stared at Spencer's mirror. It was completely broken. "Someone was in the house." Aria said. "But Melissa left!" Spencer replied. "And my parents are out of town."

"No one could've climbed up the window, it's too high." Alison said. I glanced at the window, and I noticed something. It was open. And so was the window across from Spencer's. Jason's window. His window was open, and if he threw something, it would be able to hit Spencer's mirror if he threw hard enough. I saw a figure quickly walk by the window, but I knew who it was. Jason did it.

"Look at this," Emily said, grabbing something that was next to the mirror.  It was a rock. With a note. Emily read it to herself, and then aloud.

"Be expected for the unexpected," She read. "--A." Nobody said anything. Finally, I spoke. "Spencer, did Jason come home?" I asked. She stared at me. "I'm not sure," she replied. "Why?"

"Look. Your window is open, and so is Jason's. He probably threw a rock through the window and it aimed right at the mirror. He did it."

"So does that mean Jason is "A"?" Aria asked. Everyone stared at me. "I'm not sure." I said. "We know it's Toby and Mona, but it could be him." Nobody said anything. Why are we always so silent?

"Why would my own brother do this?" Alison asked. "Probably because you killed Courtney, and he is upset. You're not his only sister." I said. Alison stared at me with the same angry eyes Courtney used. Alison sighed and didn't say anything.

"Where did Emily go?" Spencer asked, staring at the hallway. I didn't notice that she was gone. "She couldn't have gone far." Aria said. "She might be drunk." Spencer replied, walking out of the room and down the stairs. We all followed her. When we walked back into the living room, I stared at Emily.

"Kill Alison. " she said, holding a knife in her hand. Alison backed away. "Emily?" Alison whispered. Emily didn't stop. "Kill Alison." she kept repeating. "Emily! What's gotten in to you?" Alison yelled. "Hannah, what did you pack in your bag?" Aria asked me.

"Nothing that can get Emily drunk, I swear!" I said. Emily kept going. "Kill Alison. Kill Alison." she kept saying. Alison ran out of the house. "I'll follow her," Spencer said. "You guys take care of Emily. Make her stop."

Spencer ran out of the house, looking for Alison. Emily started to head out of the house, but Aria and I stopped her. "What's going on with her?" Aria asked me.

"I really don't know." I said.

Then I finally knew.

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