A Weird Love Story( Someone Out Of No One)

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-okay so this my first story so let me know what you think, I'm only putting the first chaper up until I get feed back :) so vote and comment!!-

Chapter 1

Molly is in the library looking for a book she hasn't read yet. She runs her hand across the bottom shelf, just as her hand touches a book entitled " Finding True Love".

" Have you found what your looking for?" asks a voice

Molly jumped to her feet, spinning around to see who had entered the room. It was a boy about her age( which is 15) who has dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, the compete opposite of Molly, with her blonde hair and brown eyes. She just looked at him for a moment before finally answering

"Yea, thanks though"

"Well if you ever need help" the boy said with a smile".. Finding a book that is"

"If I ever need help, I can call you.. Is that what your tring to say" Molly replied grinning

"Yep that's what I was getting at" the boy laughed

" Ok... But how will I call for you when I don't know your name...for all I know you could just being trying to gain my trust before you..umm.. Try to kidnap me or something"

" You got me there" he replied raising his hands in the air in defeat.. The names Tim.. What's yours?"

" Thanks, Tim, you just can't be to careful these days.. Oh, it's Molly"

" Hey Molly" Tim said with a chuckle " I understand why you were so worried, to tell you the truth my sister just about got kidnaped about 6 weeks ago, if it wasn't for some guy, who is now her 'boyfriend' shed be gone.. So I like I said I understand you not trusting me"

Molly was about to answer when a girl about 20 walked in.

"...Tim we have to- oh was I interrupting something?"

She said looking for Tim to Molly then back again, before going to sit at one of the tables.

"Yes as a matter of a fact you were" Tim told her.

"Sorry Tim, so who's your friend?"

" This is Molly" Tim said with a wink in Mollys decoration" Molly this is my sister Anna, the one I was telling you about" Molly walked over to were Anna was sitting. As they shook hands Molly said

"Its nice to meet you Anna"

"It's nice to meet you too Molly" Anna let go of Mollys hand and stood up

"Tim like I was saying when I walked in here, we really should be going"

" Alright, I'll meet you at the car in.. 5 mintues"

"Okay" with that Anna walked ou of the room. Tim wait to speak again until he was sure his sister was out of hearing rage.

"I'd really like to see you again"

"Same here" Molly said not meeting Tims eyes.

" Really?" Tim asked sounding shocked

"Of course"

" Great! 2:00, tomorrow, here?" Tim asked

" Sounds good"

They walked down the hallway and out the doors. Tim sister was waiting for him.

" looks like I really got to go, see ya tomorrow" Just then Mollys mom pulled into the parking lot. Molly got into the car and they drove home.

-- so, what'd you think? This is my first story. Any tips? Dont worry about being mean, I want to hear the truth:) thanks!--

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