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vibrant streamers flowed throughout the light green room that belong to eleven, five teenagers frantically decorating the now fifteen-year-old's bedroom.

after much convincing, michael wheeler had finally gotten hopper to agree to let the party plan a surprise birthday party for el whilst she was busy babysitting for a couple of kids in loch nora.

"you guys almost done? el is supposed to be back in about ten minutes." hopper parted the door open to his daughter's bedroom, poking his head in as he looked down at his watch.

he glanced up in almost, horror? the burly man saw a chocolate-skinned boy and a curly-haired boy fighting over a ballon. next to them, mike deliberately scolded both max and will for not getting the sign that read, "happy fifteenth birthday!" perfectly centered.

"yeah. thanks again for letting us do this, s-sir." mike answered, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his navy blue shorts.

"yep, i'm heading to work now." hopper replied in a low voice, turning around and closing the door behind him.

as soon as the door closed, max whipped her head around to glance at mike.

"why do you get so nervous around him?" max couldn't help but laugh, will nodding along as he helped her reposition the sign for what seemed like the millionth time.

"because he's screwing his daughter." dustin claimed through his noticeable lisp, lucas agreeing and giving him a high-five.

"i would never do that with her! not until we're — whatever, you're disgusting." mike shook his head, causing the group to erupt in fits of laughter.

"i really wish a picture of that happening didn't come to mind." will said to himself, tying his shoelaces that had come undone. the party grimaced in disgust, mike rolling his eyes.

"hey, what's that?" max pointed to a shoebox placed under el's floral-patterned bed.

"i don't know, but she's going to be here any minute so can we please get this sign centered?" mike tapped his foot impatiently.

"well don't you want to know?" max pushed on, wiggling her eyebrows as she stood up and walked over to the bed to pick up the box.

"it's none of our business, let's just get finished before she gets here." mike responded, max not even bothering to listen as she pried it open. lucas sat down on the bed beside her, slightly interested in what it would contain as well.

max and lucas shared a small smile as they peered inside the box to see various notes that mike and el had written each other, some even dating back to the previous year.

"geez, how many of those are in there?" will questioned, looking at the folded pieces of paper as he gazed over lucas's shoulder.

"mike, come over here." lucas urged, mike groaning in response.

"can you guys stop looking through her stuff?" mike complained, nevertheless, he still approached the group.

he felt heat rushing through his veins and into his cheeks as he examined all the crumpled notes, biting his lip in order to prevent a smile from appearing on his face.

"dude, your face is so red." dustin snorted, mike sending him a cold glare.

"shut up." he muttered while max grabbed one of the papers out of the box and began to unfold it.

"february 14, 1985," max began, causing mike to yank the note and rip the box from her hands.

"okay, that's enough." mike sighed, causing the rest of the party to let out quaint laughs.

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