Jonah // Mornings

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Your POV:
I woke up next to the love of my life. He was still asleep next to me. Peacefully sleeping with small snores coming from his mouth. It was cute. My eyes stared at his sleeping face while he still slept. I couldn't think what life would be without him. He's my everything.

A groan came from his lips as he began to move around a bit. Jonah moves his arm to my waist and pulled me close. "Morning babe." He mumbled with his eyes shut and his morning voice still thick within his throat. Ugh I love when he speaks in the morning. "Morning." I said with a smile. Jonah removed his arm from my waist and placed his hand onto my cheek which he rubbed his thumb across a little making me blush. I smiled too. Jonah slowly opened his eyes and stared straight into mine for a while. "You're so beautiful." He said making me blush more. "Babe, stop! You're making me blush!" I exclaimed. "But you look cute when you blush." He said as I buried my head in his chest.

The bedroom door slowly opened causing both our heads to look in the direction. Zach appeared. "Come on love birds get up! We've got things to do today!" Zach exclaimed. I rolled my eyes and hopped out of bed with Jonah right behind.

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