Chapter 6 Part 3

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Cassie soon returned. "He said he would like to chat with you. Should I send him in?"

"Of course," Guyton replied, and Cassie departed.

"Here we go," Guyton whispered to Andrea.

"You'll do fine," she assured him. "You haven't tripped up yet."

"It's like going undercover. But I guess the stakes are higher than sweetheart deals under the table, this time."

"Don't think about that. Just think about what you have to do to get to your goal."

"You know," Guyton mused, "I took out a motivational speaker that said pretty much the same thing. He was encouraging people to get ahead by whatever means they could. I'm trying to remember his name."

"Joseph something?"

"Something like that. You knew him?"

"He had some videos about success," said Andrea. "Why can't I remember any details? I'm usually pretty good with that kind of stuff."

"Once a soulburn's gone, everyone forgets them. Kind of like how they forget me when I'm not around. Makes me wonder what happens to this megachurch after I zap Della Verne."

"Maybe people find something better."

Before Guyton could respond, Cassie tapped at the entrance. "He's here," she said, leading an older gentleman into the room. "I'll let you chat." She left, closing the door behind her.

"Carlton Mitchell, at your service," said the older man. "Our mutual acquaintance said you were interested in investing in some local real estate?"

"That's right," Guyton replied. "Oh, and this is my wife. Patricia."

"Charmed." Mitchell took Andrea's hand, and took his time letting go. "Literally charmed. I don't suppose you have any single sisters?"

Andrea looked at Mitchell's wedding ring, and suppressed a shudder. "I'm afraid not."

"Too bad. But if pleasure is not to be found, perhaps we can attend to business." He turned to Guyton. "I can certainly help you find properties that would interest you—are you looking for short-term or long-term gains?"

"A little of both, actually," said Guyton. "Distribute the risk, stretch out the rewards."

"Excellent strategy! I do believe I can help you find properties that meet your criteria." Mitchell produced a business card. "Have your people call my office at your earliest convenience next week. We'll set up an appointment, and see to your needs."

"I will."

"I hope you don't find this question impertinent," said Mitchell. "Our mutual acquaintance. Where did you meet him?"

"Of course not. We met in London, the year after he graduated. We hit it off, but never did try to contact each other afterwards. A pity. He seems to be well-connected."

"Indeed he is. And I'll be looking forward to hearing from your people this week. By your leave?" Mitchell rose and departed.

"Great job," Andrea opined.

"I hope so."

Cassie returned. "The High Priest confirms that he would like to meet with you after the service," she said. "Does that work?"

"Of course," said Guyton, and Andrea echoed the sentiment. "Where is the meeting?"

"In his offices. I can take you there, if that's okay."

"It certainly is," said Andrea. "We were hoping to meet with him."

I hope she forgets us afterwards, Guyton thought.

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