Can't Say No Now- Chapter 1

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Chapter 1:

"Jacey Poole, where on Earth have you been?"my history teacher Mr. Fox demanded.

"I....awhh screw it. See you in detention." I said as the class just stared at me.  I was after all the outcast of the group. No one but my friend Amber Lee was my friend.  I was five foot six and had long straight brown hair, blue eyes and a model body i had inherited from my mum. Where Amber had log curley blond hair and hazel eyes. We could be cousins for all they knew, and we were but we never bothered to tell people that.  

Mr.Fox handed me my slip and well I get detention everyday from a different teacher every week. Is my dad really out to get me?! He tends to call a lot. On Monday's he calls during first period, Tuesday's it's fifth, Wensday's it's second, Thrusday's it's fourth, and Fridays it's third. 

"Anyway class, as i was just explaining we have a new student. His name is James Slater."Mr Fox annouced prodly.

"Oh my Fucking Gwad!!!!! James Slater?! As in the one from England?!" I said in my head i think.

"Miss.Poole we do not tolerate  that kind of lanuage in this school. James I am sorry for Miss. Poole's outburst." Wow really Mr. Fox had to go there? Can you say Son of a Bitch out loud and scream it to the world.

" No problem I am used to it. Nice to see you too Jacey Racey." Aggggghhhh. I hate when James says that.

"You two know eachother?" Mr. Fox demanded. 

"If you only count the frist fifteen year of our exsistance, than yes we do know eachother very much."James snapped.

"Well young man Miss. Poole will GLADLY show you around, won't you Miss. Poole?" 

"Fine. But can you through me off the  Brokeland Bridge frist?!" I snapped. 

" Would you like a double detendtion?"

"No sir. I will gladly show, Jame the Giant Peach Head around."I said as class began. This was going to be a very long day. 

----After School and My Detention-----

"Jacey can we talk for a minuet? There are something we need to disscuss and catch up on." James demanded.

"I....I can't James. My Father exspects me home or else god  knows what he'll....i mean see you around." 

"Jacey, don't Leave me again I have missed you too much. Please for yoour Stud Muffin?' Awwwh crap not that card again. With the puppy face to....don't you dare cave Jacey. Just stay stoong. Oh no, not the fake tears.

"Fine. Just stop crying." I said as I got in his new green and black mustang.


"You sound like your four."

"Your still four too."

"So How's life been treating you Jacey."

"A living hell okay?!"

 We drove in akward silence for about ten mins until we reacted to swings at Peace Valley Park. 

"Come tell Stud Muffin what's wrong?"

"I'll say it if you promise not to tell a soul, deal?!"


"I never left you on purpose, my Father made me leave."

"Oh come on, Jacey Racey what else?" 

My phone began to ring, "I got to go."

"At least let me drive you home?"

"Nope my house is a mile up the road by James, nice talking to you." He gave my the suspious eye but let me leave anyway.  I wish I hadn't left without him, for there was more trouble up ahead.

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