Chapter Thirty

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"I know it pisses you off to see me winning."



P.O.V Harry Edward Styles

Did I go to Europe? Fucking no. Why? Rose fucking Elizabeth called me at two in the morning because she went to a stupid party, she did something stupid and then she didn't have anyone to take her home. What did I do? I canceled my business trip and met her in the house where she was partying.

So that explains why I'm currently in my kitchen sitting in a chair and looking at a miserable crying Elizabeth. Apparently, she drank too much and now she's crying nonstop, she didn't tell me what happened yet though. I'm just here, waiting for her to say something and drinking a glass of wine.

I was having an endless pleasure by watching her like this. Madly crying and blaming herself for something that I don't even know, but looks like it's bad. She was walking around the kitchen with her hands in her head as if she murdered someone. It's quite funny to watch, actually.

I'm pretty sure I would probably demand her to say something about her situation and kill the person who hurt her or something. But I'm a bit high my self and drunk, since I had a good night in H.S. I managed to drive anyway and everything went well. I'm sobering up slowly, unlike Elizabeth, who seems to go crazier as the time passes.

When I stopped in front of the house, she ran to my car and when she saw me she immediately started crying and saying how stupid she was. I asked her once what happened and she only told me she would never go to that house again. I didn't say anything for the rest of the ride, I only kept driving and hearing her sniffs. When we finally arrived home, I helped her exiting the car and we went to the elevator, where she told me she needed to eat something.

And I must tell you that I had never seen her eating like that. She has always been so strict and rigorous about her diet rules and that explains why she's so fucking skinny. And now she's eating a burger that one of my maids cooked for Niall earlier and she already ate cookies, Doritos and other caloric stuff. She'll regret it later when she's sober obviously.

"I fucking warned you." I snapped at her out of nowhere and she turned around to glare at me. She walked towards me and placed the burger on the table, crossing her arms right after.

"What are you saying? You don't even know what happened!" Elizabeth spitted clearly angry. Maybe the fact that I'm high is positive right now, if I wasn't high I would probably go crazy as hell with her attitude. But instead, I'm calm and relaxed. What a surprise, "But I'll tell you." she sat on a chair in front of me and I looked at her, waiting for her to say something.

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