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Heya everyone, see I'm back again! I know this time also I'm late but I can't do anything coz I was so frustrated due to some reasons, well forget all these things, I have a good news to you all and that is that my exams are finally over, so now I'm gonna give regular update! Well I'm very happy with the response guys 😻 thanks for your support.❤


Outside of the club!
7:30 pm

Cabir: (said annoyingly) what the hell is this yrr...yeh ladkiya Kabhi time par kyu nhi aati?

Abhi: (said in funny tone) because woh ladkiya hai cabir!

Manik: (irritatedly asked) Bhai aap hass kaise skte ho?

Abhi: (laughingly said) w8 toh krna hi hai...ab Chahe roo K karo yah hass k karo!

Druv:  (laughingly said)  Yes, abhi is ryt!

Cabir: what ryt Druv?  Isse achaa hota mai khud hi Mukti ko apne saath ley aata... Lekin nhi Teri girlfriend ney Sbko apne ghar bula liya..  And now you can see late ho gayi Sab ki sab..

Manik: Sahi keh raha hai cabir, ptaa nhi itna Kya tyaar hona hota hai unn Sabko!

Cabir: Aur nahi toh Kya, lagna toh bandariya hi hai Sbko! (said laughingly)

Manik: I second you Cabir! (said laughingly)

And with thas both hi-fied eachother while Druv and abhi too Laughed at there statement... But soon there conversation was broken by the voice which came from behind..

Mukti: (came from behind and tapped cabir's shoulder and asked) Kya baatey ho rhi hai?

But seems like her arrival is heart-attack for someone, and that someone is NON-OTHER than "Abhi Malhotra" who got lost seeing her beauty...Mukti too looked towards abhi and she herself got lost, and than both share an eyelock which didn't get unnoticed by Our soon to be Majnu "Manik Malhotra" who smirked seeing all these but there eyelock was soon broken by Alya's voice...

Alya: Haan tell us too guys!

Druv: Arrey nothing baby we were just talking casually, nothing interesting btw where is Nandini?

Mukti: Ahh..

But before she could complete her sentence Navya Cut off her in middle and as said from behind..

Navya: Arrey Woh rhi ...

When she said this everyone turned behind and saw Nandini standing there looking heavenly beautiful... But there is someone whose heart got skipped coz of someone's attire, well that someone is NON-OTHER than our "Manik Malhotra".

Manik's VOP...

I heard few sounds of heels and looked back to find her. When I saw her my heart start beating even 100 times more fastly, I felt like the time stopped at that moment because she was looking heavenly beautiful infact I never thought she could look hot too.
She's the best mixture of hot+cute...oh my god she's so beautiful. Her skirt was long but it had a cut from one side, which reached upto her thighs. Her hairs, her almond shaped eyes, her pouty lips everything is just perfect... I couldn't able to remove my eyes from her, but than I noticed even she was looking towards me... And soon we get lost in eachother's eyes! But our trace was soon broken by Abhi...

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