Chapter 13

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Chapter 13:

"umm do they know where you live so they can drop us off??" I asked Kate. I had never really thought about it, but I mean we can't stay with them. We had to go home eventually.

"uhh no. I thought u did." she replied.


"uhhh guys." I interrupted the boys still playing video games. "don't we kind of have to go home soon, I mean we can't stay with you guys forever."

"YES YOU CAN!" Lou screamed. "don't go!" he sprinted towards me and jumped on me wrapping his legs around my waist, causing me to almost collapse. Dang, this boy does need to lay off the carrots.

"Lou. As much as we want to stay, our parents aren't gonna let us stay, and you guys have a concert tomorrow." I said as I hugged him awkwardly and rubbed his back.

"don't let them leave hazza!!" he pleaded Harry.

"they are not going anywhere Lou." Harry said matter of factly with a smirk playing on his lips.

"umm Harry we can't stay so i dont know what you are talking about." I said slightly confused.

"let me see your phones." Harry replied almost bored.

"why?" I asked him. There is no way I'm giving this guy my phone. It's my phone not his.

"just give them to me, I'm not gonna do anything bad." he replied holding out his hand for us to give them to him.

"sureeee your not." as I hid my phone behind me back. There is no way in heck that I'm letting him even touch my phone.

The next thing I knew the weight of my phone in my hand disappeared as Lou made his way towards Harry with my phone.

"no!" I yelled at them as they just snickered.

"why court? Have something to hide that we need to know about?" Harry said amused with a slight smile.

"no! It's just... It's just... It's my phone! Not yours!" I yelled. Wow. Great come back Courtney.

"we are not doing anything bad just wait a minute." Harry said scrolling through my phone. He lifted it up to his ear clearly calling someone, and held his finger over his lips signaling us to be quiet.

Omg. Who the heck is he calling!? It could be anyone.

"hello, is this Courtney's mum?" Harry asked politely.

Holy crap. Why is he calling me mom! I bet my mom wouldn't of even let me go with them today, I was just lucky that I was with Kate's mom. My mom is very strict.

"What the heck do you think you're doing!?" I hissed at Harry.

Harry didn't reply as he walked out of the room still on the phone with my mom.

Kate looked horrified like I was because she knew that my mom was crazy too. Trying to keep calm, I say down on the floor leaning on the wall and brought my knees to my chest. Running my fingers through my hair frustrated, all I could picture was my mom yelling at me for not telling her I was with the boys.

I'm gonna get killed when I get home.

As I bit my lip furiously, Harry entered the room once again smiling like he had just one the lottery.

I jumped up immediately and l looked at him expectingly awaiting the news.

"sooo.." he trailed off trying to stop smiling so much but clearly failing, " your mum said you can stay with us for the night and go to our concert tomorrow!!"

"omg!! I love you Harry!" I screamed happily jumping up and down with excitement and hugging him.

Then another realization hit me.


"what?" Harry said upset at my quick mood change.

"1st, you also need to ask Kate's parents. 2nd, we have no clothes to wear." I stated.

Harry swiped Kate's phone before she could even register what happened and said "I'll call her mum right now, and you can borrow some of our clothes to sleep in tonight, and we will take care of your clothes for the concert, don't worry."

"okay." I said, my mood lightening once again.

*5 minutes later*

"well" Harry clapped his hands together. "Kate's mum said she can stay too. So, I will go and get you both some of my clothes-"

"I will go get court some of my clothes." that sexy voice none other than zayns spoke once again as my inside turned to mush.

"uhh okay then." Harry said, exiting the room with zayn to go get us clothes. While Kate gave me a flirty look and winked playfully. I just pushed her lightly smiling like an idiot. Come on people! It's zayn Malik!

They came back later with a handful of clothes in their arms and gave a stack to each of us.

Avoiding zayns intense gaze, me and Kate made our way to the bathroom at the end of the hall.

Once we were inside and the door was shut.

"Kate! We are going to be wearing Harry and zayns clothes!!" I whispered at her.

"I know!" she screamed back.

" soo what's going on with you and Harry??" I wiggled my eyebrows at her, or at least I tried. Do you know how hard it is to wiggle your eyebrows!?

"nothing." she replied, blushing like crazy.

"yeah right! It's definitely not nothing! You two don't leave each others sides!"

"oh shut up. What about you and zayn, huh? You have to admit Harry is adorable."

She said.

"nothing." I said mimicking her response. " and yes Harry is adorable but zayn is sexy and dangerous." I said smirking.

"you know you like zayn!" she yelled pointing her finger at me.

"well yes but he has a girlfriend" I replied.

By now, we were both changed into the boys' clothes. I smelt like zayn and I loved it. Vanilla is amazing!

We opened the door to 5 boys that were pressed against the door.

Crap. They were listening.

"so I'm adorable huh?" Harry said slinging his arm around Kate with a lop sided grin and walking off, leaving me with the other 4.

"so u like me and I'm sexy?" zayn smiled at me and winked.

Oh gosh.


"you look good in my clothes." his eyes raked up and down my body. "come on, I'll show you where we will be sleeping."

He came closer to me, his face so close our noses were touching.

"come on baby, we both know you like me, you don't have to hide it." he whispered

With that, he took my hand in his and led us to his bunk.

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