Yandere! Tokoyami Fumikage

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He never really thought he'd fall in love. Or in other terms, never thought someone would fall in love with him. He literally looked like a bird and that caused some insecurities. So, when he met (L/n) (F/n) and she seemed to love being around him, he was slightly confused. She saw him as a heroic person, not a freak. She helped him through all of his insecurities and made him feel happy, alive even. She was such a sweet and caring person, so of course he fell for her. He loved her and he felt light like a cloud when around her.

For a while he thought she had felt the same. He had built up the confidence to ask her out finally, and he was happy to be telling her. She meant so much to him, in his darkness there was that one little piece of light. That light was her. He thought she'd accept, she liked him, he knew she did, so she would have to say 'yes' right?

Seeing all of these facts, his soul absolutely shattered when she rejected him. And she sounded so polite when doing so, too.

"I'm sorry. I like you as well, Tokoyami, but I can't be in a relationship. Not with anybody."

Hearing her say that made him squeak and he could see the guilty expression on her face as he shoved his face into his hoodie sleeve. He didn't want her to see the effect of her rejection. It's not like she didn't like him, he reminded himself. She just couldn't be with him. But why? Why not? Honestly at that point he didn't want to know.

Before she got the chance to comfort him he disappeared, leaving her alone.


She looked so guilty and it made him feel guilty. He could hear it in her voice. She wanted to be with him just as much as he wanted to be with her, she just couldn't for some reason. The reason why was eating him up on the inside. He needed to know. They had the same feelings, so they should be able to be together.

It simply wasn't fair.


He had no choice. He of course didn't want to kidnap her, who would possibly want to do that? But she was about to be forced into a Quirk Marriage. She didn't want to, but she had to. When he overheard her and Ochako's conversation he snapped. He realized then what she meant when she rejected him! It all made sense. For once it wasn't him, it was her family.

Just because he saved her from an unwanted marriage doesn't mean you were exactly accepting of staying locked away.

'But that's fine, you'll get over it eventually.'


He wrapped his strong arms around her, pressing his forehead to her own. "See? Now we can be together."

~~~ I have such a soft spot for him, I love him so much~

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