Chapter 8

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"Your nightmares follow you like a shadow, forever." (Aleksandar Hemon)

A hair-raising scream sounded in a near distance, the kind that gave one chills down their spine. A young girl was in a life threatening danger. I needed to rescue her and eliminated the threat. Immediately, I searched for the young girl but as our eyes met, she became lifeless. Horrified, I recognised her face as my sister's, Annabelle. My pulse raised with panic, I shouted her name but there was a deafening sound of explosions and everything caught on fire around me. My eyes darted to her surrounding and found that my parents' bloody corpses were laying beside her, slaughtered ruthlessly. They were protecting her with their very lives.

Another scream echoed, mixing with the already loud ambiance, this time it came from my own mouth and at the top of my lungs. A large figure stood up and sneered at me, his eyes were cat-like and what were supposed to be his legs, was a long slithering tail like that of a snake. He was not a human. His face and physique made me shudder uncontrollably. As he slithered closer, I screamed again, crawling away helplessly. Where were my bows and arrows? Grenades? Why was I not able to walk?

There were some consistent bangs somewhere. They got louder every second now and finally, it got on my nerves, my eyes flew open and I abruptly sat up. My breath was heavy, the dry air burned my nostrils as I searched for signs of my family, still disoriented.

However, the surroundings were different and then I suddenly realised where I was. The knocking sounded again but it was not from my room's door. The next room? At that moment, things all came rushing back to me.

Imperius was the new tenant in the other room, where, I assumed, the banging noise was coming from. Last night events replayed in my head and I felt my face flushed with embarrassment. Oh... dear gods. He most likely saw me getting naked in the bathroom and I just ran like a chickened shit. I smacked my forehead with my palm and groaned loudly.


Sometime before dawn, the nephalem's whimpers woke me up from my sleep which I did not intend to have. Instinctively, I jumped to conclude that there may be some demons in her room but there was no demonic presence anywhere in this inn as I searched. The annoying sound of her writhing in bed and incoherent whimpers suggested that she was having nightmares.

Upon my angry attempt to open the door to the bathroom, I broke what was called the door knob and alerted the old human female whom the nephalem inquired about my stay last night. She promptly had that taken care of with the help of another young male soon as the sun showed its light. The constructive sounds gave my ears and head pains but it was better than having to listen to that half demon vermin whimpering in her sleep.

I somehow involuntarily let my guard down last night while she was present and that alone infuriated me. But to get through this whole ridicule, I would have to let it down more often than I would like to. That led me to a new solution for my situation. All I have to do is to get along with this female and play along as if we were well acquainted. There was no need of me to be fond of her in the slightest.

As the young apprentice finished the repair, the nephalem strode over from the other door which connected to her room.

"What happened here?" she asked the old female inn keeper. "Oh, dear. This good lad friend of yours broke the door knob this morning just before dawn. I heard it from the kitchen downstairs!" She chuckled wryly and added with knowing eyes, "Some muscles you have there, dear boy. You must be a very strong warrior."

The old human looked at me earnestly and smiled. I had the urge to glare back but stopped myself. I was not an angel here, just another human to some normal eyes. Nodding my head ever so slightly, I apologised with good manner, "I will pay for the damages and labour, of couse. You can include them to the payment of my stay."

I glanced at the nephalem and stepped away from the door way as the other two were leaving. When I closed my door and looked back, her expression was one of awe. 

"I had no idea you could speak like that to humans, Imperius," she said crossing her arms. I sauntered over to the table next to my bed and leaned against it. Crossing my own arms, I looked at her dead in the eye. 

"I had no idea one would cry so loudly in her sleep that I woke up thinking there was an ambush going on." My voice sounded rather flat even to myself which pleased me. I was back in control with my own emotions now. 

Her face turned bright red avoiding my gaze then and I continued on as if I had no interests in the details of her nightmare. Although, I was very well curious about it, she looked more troubled than she let on. 

"If you want to continue with your journey, I would not be the reason to hold you back. Do not worry that it would rush and fluster me. I am a warrior, not a weakling human. Whenever you are ready to leave, I will be as well." 

The nephalem stared at me with her wide eyes and nodded momentarily. "All right. I should have a bath and will be ready in a moment after I'm done. You could also have one after me, if you'd like. I can wait because once we are on the road, who knows when we will be able to find an inn again." 


I left his room with more confusion than when I just woke up from my nightmares. Damn it, did I cry so loudly? I smacked my forehead and groaned. It was a good thing that he suggested we get going. Sleeping too much did no good to me. And what the heck happened to him over night? He seemed to be nicer but now he was back to his I-hate-you-nephalem self again. Just great. 

After having a quick bath, I packed all my belongings together. Once again, I put on my armour and cloak making sure that my hood hide my face well enough. When finished, I went to the bathroom door and said against it as Imperius was taking his bath, "I am done and will be waiting downstairs. There's no rush." 

I waited for him to answer but he didn't say a word. How charming. When I heard the water draining away, I left to find the inn keeper and paid for both our stay. Just then, he came down the stairs and to my surprise, he left his hood down. This guy was more confident about his stay in Sanctuary than I anticipated. 

Remembering what he said to the old lady, I promptly told Imperius that he could pay for both our inn fees next time we find an inn to stay over again to which he agreed with no argument. I guessed it was fair. 

We said our farewell to the old lady and left the inn right away. Once we were outside the town, I automatically rerouting my journey that I had planned a few days ago. Might as well check up on Lyndon in Kingsport, not that I wanted to avoid being alone with archangel of valor. Psh, I was not afraid of him.

"Well, I wanted to check on Lyndon, if you don't mind. He lives in Kingsport, it's about two days away by foot." I pointed at the direction and started walking off when I heard a soft sigh. "If only I could use my wings..." 

I looked back at Imperius and had to suppress my smirk. Good start. I would show him what it was like to be a human and having to endure simple hardships he knew nothing about. 

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