Bullseye-Theon Greyjoy x Reader

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"You know, Greyjoys are especially good at archery." Theon did a quick turn with his bow and shot at the target. Bullseye. He turned back to a laughing Robb and shrugged, arrogantly.

I shook my head and he looked at me, "What, Y/N?" His voice seemed annoyed.

"Nothing," I sigh and go to remove the arrow, "I just remembered one time where you missed. Horribly." I started to laugh and Robb tried to hide his chuckle as well.

"Yes, didn't you hit the ground? Far behind the wall?" Robb walked behind Theon and patted his back with a bounce in his step.

He scowled my way and took the arrow from my hands, "I bet you couldn't do better." He snarled.

I scoff and shook my head, "Sadly, I wasn't trained to fight from a young age. I'm already 13, I missed my chance." I walk to the side as he aimed again. Bullseye, again.

Robb shrugged and made his way over to me, "Well if you want, I could probably help you with it. Father doesn't have to know." He whispered my way.

I nod, watching Theon shoot another time. Another bullseye.


Dragonstone was a lot more excluded then I previously imagined but that might just be because how Jon and Daenerys' first meeting went. Now, we would just be to ourselves and I didn't complain that much, it gave me more time to write those letters to Robb. Jon, on the other hand, hated it.

I sat outside watching the waves and I could see Jon walking with Ser Davos Seaworth speaking and heading to Missandei of Naath. I go back to my papers and continue to write.

'Winterfell is now ours again and Sansa is safely there with guards to protect her. Jon is proclaimed King in the North now that they need another one. Sansa says that Theon redeemed himself by saving her from Ramsay Bolton and that he didn't kill Bran and Rickon, though Rickon sadly lost his life at the Battle of the Bastards. I will try and give Theon another chance since you two were so close. I will write again soon. Love, Y/N.'

The second I put down my quill and stood to go back inside, I hear a clang of bells from across the sea. I raise my hand to my eyes to block the sun and spot a ship heading right to the shores of Dragonstone. A golden kraken was plain and clear on the sails. Theon.

I rush to the shores they were heading toward as I see Jon do the same. Once there, a small boat with Theon and some of his men came and they hopped out to drag it to the sand. I stood next to Jon, hoping he didn't do anything drastic.

Theon turned around and froze as he saw Jon. He eyes went from him to me with a look of guilt plastered on his face as he did so. Jon took a deep breath and stepped forward, me following behind him. His eyes wouldn't move from Theon as he stopped only steps in front of him.

Theon takes in a breath, "Jon," He looks over to where I stand, slightly behind Jon, "Y/N." After a pause, he continues, "I didn't know you two were here." He steps closer, hesitant, "Sansa. Is she alright?"

Jon fumes and grabs Theon's collar, pulling sharply to get face to face with him. Theon whimpers softly and I run to Jon's side, placing my hand on his clenched one, "He saved Sansa, remember?" I whisper in his ear.

He breathed out and scowled, not removing his eyes from Theon, "What you did for her is the only reason I'm not killing you." Jon looks at me and lets go of Theon finally. I sigh, relieved.

Jon backed away as Davos began to speak to Theon about what happened to his sister and about where Daenerys' went. After the tension died down, Missandei speaks up, "Let me escort you to your rooms."

I shake my head, "I'll do it." I walk to Missandei and she tells me reluctantly where it is and I nod, gesturing for Theon to follow me. He nods slightly, gulping. The whole way there is silent and I gesture for his men's rooms before getting to Theon's.

"Here you are," I whisper as I open the door for him.

"Thank you, Y/N." He and I walk in and he begins to take off his armor. He turns around after he finished and stared at me, nervously.

I step toward him and wrap my arms around his neck in a hug. He flinches as if I was going to hit him. He breathes out before putting his hands on my back slowly. Once he does so, I tighten my grip and tears start to flow. "Thank you for helping Sansa," I whisper, trying my best to not show that I was crying.

"Of course." He whispers back. "I'm so sorry, Y/N. For Winterfell and Robb."

I shake my head, "I'm not thrilled that you did that but you meant a lot to Robb. I'm sorry that I was a jerk to you growing up."

He huffs and finally hugs me correctly with his grip tightening slightly, "I was a jerk to you too." I feel teardrops fall on my shoulder and that makes it harder to not break down and cry. "I promise, I won't do that again." He whispers softer, his voice breaking slightly.

A sob escapes my lips and I break away from him, both of us quickly wiping the tears from our faces. "Good." I smile to him and stare at his blue, gray eyes. I see his cheek begin to turn a slight pink color and he gulps.

Out of nowhere, I feel the urge to get closer to him. I slowly move my head closer to his and feel his shaky breath. I close my eyes as I place my hands on his face and our lips connect. Even though I initiated it, I feel my stomach jolt and bounce as the kiss continued. I move my hands into his short hair and his hands slowly made their way to my waist. I pull him closer and he does the same, slower.

The sweet, slow kiss grew into a more passionate one as time went on. Theon's shield crumbled as his limbs slowly became less stiff. His arms wrapped tight around my waist and he pulled me closer to him so that our bodies were moving in one single movement.

I broke off and he breathes in sharp for air. I looked behind us to the bed and slowly pulled him closer to it, kissing him again. We sat on the bed and I began to lay back, him on top of me.

The waves crashed outside on the shore as we continued in his room.

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