Bullseye-Theon Greyjoy x Reader

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Requested by @KimAckermann


Spoilers for seasons 1-7!!!! And this will be a two parter!!

Also....that last episode...I had some issues and some things I really liked.


I finished writing my letter as I used to when Robb made me promise to write him often when we left for King's Landing, everything around me completely drowned out seemingly with my ink and quill. I signed my name as the door to my room at Castle Black opened to Ed standing in the doorway with a shocked expression. "What is it?" I ask, looking around him for Jon but he isn't there.

"You need to come see this, Y/N." He whispers and opens the door farther. I put the note under some of the books on my desk and follow him out to Jon's chambers. Ed sped up, sending me to follow him at a quicker pace.

Once at the door, Ed walks off, leaving me standing in front of the door, holding the handle apprehensively. I take a deep breath before opening the door with a creak and seeing red hair in front of me, "Sansa?" I whisper.

She turns around and as soon as she sees me, she smiles. I speed my way over and wrap my arms around her tight, feeling the tears form in my eyes.

"I thought you were dead." She whispers in my ear.

I laugh a little, "Not quite yet, I still have a lot to do before I die." I give her one last squeeze before letting go and placing a hand on her hair, "You look so much like Mother." I smile and she does the same, sadly. "How did you get away from the Boltons?"

She sighs and Jon nods before leaving us in his room, by ourselves. "Theon." She mutters, turning back around to sit in front of the fire.

"Theon...Greyjoy?" I ask, confused. "But he betrayed us and took our home and killed Bran and Rickon, why did he help you?"

She shook her head. "He has changed since you last saw him, he went through so much from Ramsay like I did and we both survived but him less than I. He didn't kill Bran and Rickon either. They left and he killed two peasant boys."

I stood there, completely silent. He didn't do any of that? "But he still betrayed Robb," I whisper, fiddling with my coat to take it off. It felt too hot in here and I might choke.

"He regrets that so much. He says he should've died with Robb at the Red Wedding." She takes a sip of the soup in front of her. "He helped me escape from the Boltons and he risked his life doing it."

I blink at all the information and the mention of the Red Wedding. "Are you okay?" I ask, moving to sit by her.

"I will be. Eventually." She sighs.

I nod and wrap my arm around her shoulders, giving her another hug. Theon is the reason why I can do this now. Next time we see each other, I don't know what I would do.


It took a lot of convincing, but I finally could go with Jon to Dragonstone. He needed as many allies when he went as he could, and I refused to be left behind. I couldn't help Robb when he needed me but maybe I can help Jon now.

The trip was long and it gave me a lot more time reminiscing with Jon since we weren't always surrounded by members of the Night's Watch anymore. We never talked about people but we talked of memories but it would only lead to reminders of people we lost.

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