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I arrive to the party a little late to be honest. A little as in two hours late, yikes. I texted Aaron we were having some problems because Dana was basically having a break down about getting a D on a test. But we made it and the party was still raging, as the kids would put it. To be honest I don't go to a lot of parties, I don't have an interest in them considering the people I hang out with at the parties are the ones I hang out with usually.  Peter got us four girls some drinks, Harry didn't tag along this time. Although Peter said he would be attending. We hang out in the kitchen, talking aimlessly about school and gossip when my name is called.

"Clem, you made it!" Suddenly an arm is wrapped around my shoulders and I'm pulled into a hug. The cologne isn't familiar but the face is. I pull away to get a better look at Aaron. He's clearly drunk and obviously making me a little uncomfortable considering I don't know him all that well and he's basically attached to my hip. Jill laughs, pulling on my wrist so that I'm back at her side which I'm thankful for.

"Hey Aaron, how are you?" I ask him, smiling a little. I did say I'd hang out with him at the party, it's the whole reason I'm here.

"I'm great! Brad from history and I played beer pong and he totally won." Aaron laughs at his own story, throwing his arm over my shoulders again. I internally roll my eyes with him being a little clingy.

"Come hang out with me." Aaron whines, his words dragging on. I tell my friends I'd see them later and Aaron directs me to the living room. He and I sit on the couch together and he starts messing with my hair which kind of pisses me off, I spent half an hour curling it.

"Your hair is so soft." He whispers, twirling it around his finger.

"Uh, thanks." I tell him, sipping my drink afterwards. I look around the room while I finish up my beer. I spot Harry talking some girl and he's already staring at me. I offer him a small smile and he waves back to me with a grin. My eyes motion to the drunk guy next to me which I can tell makes Harry laugh a little before directing his attention back to the girl who pulls on his arm.

"Oh my god! You need another drink! I'll get you one!" He grabs my cup from me but I yank it back from him. I'm not an idiot and I am not risking getting a date rape drug in my drink.

"I got it, you just sit here. I'll be right back." I head back into the kitchen and my friends are still standing there, chatting.

"Hey, hows lover boy?" Peter asks me, wiggling his eyebrows at me. I laugh, filling my cup up with beer.

"I think I would be having a better time if he wasn't shit faced." I shrug and telling my friends bye again. When I get back into the living room, Aaron is leaning against the wall, clutching his stomach. I set my drink down and rush over to him.

"Are you okay?" I ask and he just groans. I figure he's about to puke and ask someone where a bathroom is. They tell me upstairs and I thank them. I let Aaron lean on me as I help him up the stairs. He's a lot heavier and muscular than me so it isn't easy getting him into the bathroom. I wait outside the bathroom while he pukes. I lean against a wall, looking at my surroundings. I cannot be around someone throwing up or I'll throw up. After a few minutes, Aaron comes out, looking a little better.

"Sorry about that." He chuckles, standing in front of me. He's kind in my personal space so I stand up, fixing my posture so he could back up but he doesn't.

"Let's go downstairs, I need a drink." I tell him, starting to move but he grabs my elbow, pulling me back.

"Or we could have some alone time. I know where a spare bedroom is." He winks at me and smirks. His arms rest on either side of me, trapping me.

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