Me too

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Getting up the next morning Caitlin realizes that she was in bed naked with her head on a bare chest she could recognize as none other than Barry's. Looking at him he looked calm and contained. Caitlin knew what happened last night was a mistake, It was full of anger an resentment. She loved Barry yes but he loved Iris. 

Slowly Caitlin began to her out of the bed she grabbed the first thing that she found to cover herself and started making her way to the bathroom.

"Cait?" she froze, It wasn't the first time they had sex but she knew that this was going to be the first time they talked about it. She heard footsteps, she turned around to meet a fully naked Barry standing to close for her liking. "what are you doing Cait?" he asked "I was going to take a shower, and try and forget that ever happened." she replied not knowing she said the last part out loud. "Cait, please I love you, no I'm in love with you." he said sounding like he was pleading.  "Stop, Barry, stop acting as you care, you can be in the kid's life just stop pretending that you love me." 

"I'm not, I chose you, I broke it off with Iris cause I'm in love with you." to that Caitlin gave no reply, a single tear ran down her face, Barry had noticed, slowly lifting her head and wiping her tear he smiled at her sweetly and gave her a kiss. She responded but couldn't help but notice that it was different from all the other kisses, this one was sweet and passionate. Pulling away they rested there for heads on one another, "I love you too." Caitlin whispered in a barely audible tone.


Barry and Caitlin made their way to Star Labs. They talked about it and finally agreed to become a thing but little did they know that since the future changed Barry is meant to disappear earlier than normal. Making there way in Barry and Caitlin heard voices that they recognized although Barry didn't know who they where Caitlin had a smile spread across her face, she ran ahead of Barry.

When she entered she ran up to Felicity and gave her the biggest hug imaginable, "Hey girl, how have you been." Felicity said into the hug. "Tired, " Caitlin responded but got an Idea. "Probably because of the baby." Caitlin smiled pulling away. "Yeah that's what a child does to a perso- WAIt  WHAT?" "surprise" Caitlin said making Jazz hands

"how are you, when did you, who did you? What?" Felicity said not fully understanding "I'll explain when everyone gets here, " Caitlin then went to give Oliver a hug, which he was surprisingly willing to return as he mumbled "congratulations" while Felicity said hi to Barry.

After a while of talking the great of the team had come in. Barry and Caitlin waited until everyone had already greeted felicity and Oliver. When they stood up and began to make their announcement. 

"Guys there's something I need to tell you guys" Caitlin began 

"Okay what is it" Joe said interested 

"I-I'm pregnant." 

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