Chapter 16

“Mariah” I heard a whisper before I opened my closed eyes slowly.

It took me a couple of seconds to realize where I was. I looked around some more and finally when I noticed that I was in Chase’s arms still, I realized that we had slept in the tree house.  You don’t even want me to begin with how cold I was, matter of fact I was freezing to death. The early November air blew in through the open window and I couldn’t hold myself from shuddering.

“What time is it?” I mumbled while I rubbed my tired eyes.

Chase removed his hand from my waist and took look at his wrist watch “its 7:30”

My eyes widened “I will be late for work!” I exclaimed getting up from the chair in 0.5 seconds.

“Relax” Chase chuckled as I panicked, trying to smooth my hair with my hands “It isn’t like I will fire you” he teased reminding me of who I actually worked for, his father; one of the nicest man I have met since I came here.

“Still I don’t want to be late” I said with a sheepish smile

“Okay let’s go, I’ll drive you”

We climbed our way down the tree and walked to where Chase’s car was parked. I hugged myself the entire way because of the cold. Thank god for the energy I had from the good sleep or it would have taken us more than an hour to get to his car.

After 30 minutes of exercising out of the woods we got in the car and Chase drove off. I decided that my clothes were fine plus I have my work clothes at the diner anyway.

I picked up my phone out of my pocket and decided to give Vicky a call. I missed her really much. I hadn’t really talked to her for two weeks and that was way too much time without her.

“Hello” I heard her chirp as happy as always

“Hey it’s me Mariah” I said feeling really happy to hear her voice.

“Oh hey, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, I just miss-“ I got interrupted by a man’s voice in the background saying “Who is it”

“Who is that voice?” I asked curious since it came way to close from the her phone

“Oh, he is just nobody” Vicky said and the voice muttered something like “Thanks”

“What do you mean nobody I can still hear him” I said flatly

“He’s just a boyfriend “she said before she added “Kind of”

“Slut” I joked “I bet you are in bed right now” I teased

“Yes!” she exclaimed “Matter of fact we are, therefore I have to go now bye”

I didn’t have the time to reply before she hung up; at least that’s what she thought she had. I could still hear them talk

“Shut up, it was Mariah do you have to talk that much?” the voice was Vicky’s. His voice was not as clear as hers since he was probably far away from the phone but it was clear enough to make out what he was saying. I hung the phone up not really feeling up to listen to them as they had their good time in bed.

“Um Chase?” I looked down in my lap as he parked outside the diner. He looked at me with a quizzed expression “Yes?” he answered

“Could you change my shifts so that I don’t have to be with Nathan” I asked biting me lips “I mean you know what I want, and I think it would be easier for him and for me” I said playing with my fingertips

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