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"Good to hear that!"mina said while smiling

"Well,i should go to my office now,tell to everyone get back to work"i said,bow to them and went to my office and did my work

Until someone open the door it was


"Oh soobin.."i said and he went to me while holding some files and give it to me

"You have to go to the meeting room,to meet the persons who wants to work with us"soobin said and i take a look at the files and look at soobin and nodded

So i went to the meeting room and found people chatting together so i went in

"Goodmorning everyone"i said and they all stand up and we all bow at the same time

They sit and put te files to the table

"I just found out that you just got back from a vacation"Mrs.son said so I nodded

"Yea..."i said

"Thats why your staffs are cleaning and rearranging it back"Mr.hwang said i nodded again

"Welcome back!where was your vacation?"Mrs.kim ask

"Philipphines..."i said and they look at me shock and they started talking

"Thats a great destination!"

"How was it?!"

"Great place!"

"I wish i can go to Philipphines.."

"I love philipphines!"

I just smile on what they saying

"Shall we proceed to our meeting?"i said and they all agree

So we all started talking about business

(After the meeting)

I stretch my arms since im having a long day after our meeting i went to my office

And found a familiar figure sitting

"Uhm..may i ask who are you?"i said and the person look up it was

Taehyung,kim taehyung

"Oh taehyung oppa..what are you doing here?"i ask and i went to my table and sit to my chair and he sit in front of me

"Well i just wondering if I could pay u a visit..since jungkook have been calling and texting you"taehyung said and i quickly look at my phone

'40 missed calls,20 messages'

"Oh shoot!i was at the meeting so i silence my phone"i said and i put my phone at the table

"Anyways jungkoom wants to give you this,since he cant get out of practice"
Taehyung said and gave me a fast food

"Oh thank you oppa!"i said and i took it
And see theres a sticky note and i read it

'Hope you're not stressing your self,eat this!i love you'

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