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[ nobody really cares if you don't go to the party - courtney barnett ]

a month later, i started to pack my luggage for robin's tour. mum tried to help me pick out clothes that i could wear on some of my performances whilst my brother gave me a ziplocked bag filled with cheez-its.

"wow, since when were you this caring for me?" i questioned then placed the cheez-its in my luggage. "you rarely act nice around me..."

"we're siblings, y/n. i mean, honestly, of course, i do like annoying you at times." he sighed. "and i won't be seeing you for the whole summer, so that kind of sucks." he slightly frowned which made mum 'awe'.

"she won't be gone for too long, right mum?" my little brother asked innocently. mum just nodded.

"of course. she'll be calling us after their, anyways..." mum replied as she folded some of my dresses. she then took one of my dungarees and unfolded them. "hey, these would look good on you. you should wear this as well." she suggested. i looked at my phone to see what time it was until i received a message from robin.

binbin uwu: heyyy :D

bunbun uwu: eyooo

binbin uwu: are you ready for the tour today?

bunbun uwu: uh hell yeah!

binbin uwu: i'm omw to your house. see ya!

i threw my phone on my bed then closed my luggage, i took my sneakers then started tying them as fast as i could. after that, i wore my sweater on then was about to head downstairs.

"whoa there," mum called which made me pause my actions. "everyone shouldn't see you looking like that."

"mum, i'm wearing a sweater." i replied then crossed my arms. "also, we're only going to the airport."

"still, your hair looks like a mess." mum stood up then took the comb from my desk.

"mum, i swear," i groaned. "i just fixed this a while ago. i like my hair down." i slouched. she took my hand then started combing my hair.

"this will be quick, i promise." mum started braiding my hair. "get the rubber bands and the hair clips!" she yelled, i just sighed and let her tie my hair.


i went downstairs with my luggage and my bag then saw my dad talking to robin.

"um dad," i said as i put my luggage down. "what are you guys talking about?"

"nothing," dad replied. robin, all of a sudden, looked at me in awe.

"you look so cute with that flower crown," robin smiled. i adjusted the flower crown on my head then tucked a strand of hair on my ear.

"thanks," i chuckled. "my mum made me wear it."

"it-it suits you," robin added as he put his hands on his pockets.

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