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no hate? 🙈

so we all know that their are people who have depression, and i have to deal with people who have it in my moms house, and at school. i don't exactly like that so many of my friends are getting depressed but i know it's something you can control. what I'm actually trying to say though is many of these friends come to me, and they tell me why they're sad, or depressed and it really affects my own mood because i feel terrible if i don't help. honestly, i just want some happy friends for once.
and I'm not saying that they should stop, just like maybe less? i deal with a lot and with some major tests coming up as well, i can't have stress or worry, so please, try and tell one of your other friends for the time being?

(lmao, i feel like this is confusing but oH weLl. I'm a confusing girl.)

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