fivesecondsofanfic: Annoying Luke!

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Could you do one where the 1d boys are the dads/uncles to the 5sos boys. luke (14) calum +mikey (16) ash (17) maybe do something like all the boys are having a bad day, and one of them starts being a dick to the other one (maybe michael to luke) and all the other boys then start saying shit to each other, and then the 1d boys intervene, and tell them the importance of being brothers, and being there for each other, and protecting each other! that would be cute thanks love xxxx

You are the first requester of the day so this dedicated to you!!!


Luke (14)

Calum (16)

Michael (16)


Dad- Louis

Pops- Zayn

Baba- Liam

Daddy- Niall

Papa- Harry

The boys have incredible day nothing is going on they have 4 'sweet' children. They think nothing will happen anyday, but they were wrong.

Luke was bored today his daddies was at the studio creating a new song called Steal My Girl. He decided to play with his older brothers Calum and Michael (the twins) and Ashton (the oldest).

Luke went up to Ashton's room and knocked,"Who there?" Luke came in as his Ashton was sitting on the bed FaceTime his friend.

"What they hell you doing here," Ashton said.

Luke shrugged," I wondering know if you wanted hang out."

"No, I don't wanted to hang over with 12 years old," he said.

Luke rolled his eyes," fine then I with someone else stupid head." He left as Ashton got up the bed and slammed the door. Luke signed maybe everyone is having a bad day, even him. He have trouble sleeping last night because of a nightmares he have been having.

Luke walked into Calum's room without knocking,"What are you doing here in my room?" Luke shrugged again,"Just being here to annoy you." Calum rolled his eyes continued playing his bass guitar.

Luke started to tapping noise on the desk making Calum getting ignored by it,"Will you stop with this shit you are so annoying." Luke just smirked and continued to do again.

"JUST GET MY ROOM LUKE YOU SO FREAKING ANNOYING ME RIGHT NOW!" Calum shouted. Luke walked out the room quickly before anything happen.

'Well, Ashton and Calum wasn't having it today' Luke thought. He didn't know he was at Michael's room until, he shook his thought and knocked on the door. Michael didn't answer, Luke decided to walk in.

Luke open the door finding Michael sleeping so thinking evilly what he should do to Michael. Luke found shaving cream in Michael's bathroom, he spray his brother on the left hand getting one of the feathers that Michael had collect (which is not true) tickle his noise as Michael's hand with shaving cream all over his face.

Michael jumped on his bed feeling cream on his face. His face was red with anger finding Luke ran out his room as he got out his bed chasing Luke down the stair.

"LUKE, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU," Michael shouted. Luke was scared he never made Michael that MAD is was harmless prank. After that Luke was tackled down by Michael as the Ashton and Calum ran down the stair seeing Michael wrestling Luke. Calum grabbed Michael and Ashton grabbed Luke as they all was shouting at each other.

The boys came home as they were thinking that there will not be trouble in the house, but when Louis open the door they heard shouting in the family room. They ran in the room seeing all the boys was shouting.

"SHUT UP YOU BOYS," Zayn shouted with anger. They stopped quickly.

"Now, what's going on here?" Liam asked sternly. They shouted throwing what's going on and Zayn wasn't having it again.

"ENOUGH!" Zayn shouted again. They stopped quickly again.

"Now, someone tell me what's going on," Liam said calmly, but sternly.

Ashton went first,"Well, Luke came in my room being annoying," then Calum," Luke cam in the my room without knocking started making noise whiled I was play my bass," the last was Michael,"Luke pulled a prank during my sleep."

"I guessing they pointing fingers at Luke. What have gotten into you Luke?" Harry said.

"I guess I was having a bad day papa I was having dreams about my brothers was being mean to me and today I was being annoying to them on purpose and being opposite on them too and I am sorry Ashton, Calum, and Michael," Luke said sadly as their dads and his brother nodded smiley.

"Pulse, even know that if you boys or any of us is having a bad day doesn't mean you can take it on each other specially hate each other. You guys are brothers not enemies is this continued no one I mean NO ONE will speak to each other anymore you boys will hated to each other for many years. Promising you guys ,will stop fighting if you have a bad day again come to one of us if we are not here just called us even though we are working," Louis said and the boys nodded as we they all pulled in a group hug.

"Well that is over it how about we cuddle and watch a movie for the night," Niall said as the boys agreed on their husband/Daddy. They cuddle and never have in augment again.


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