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Your P.O.V:

There is no way I am getting out of this.

Argh! I need to live under the rule of a Saikou? In a school, belonging to the Saikou family?

This will not end well.

'I hope you are ready, dear.' My mother's serious voice said at the other end of the receiver.
'Of course, mum.' I replied.
There was a pause.

'Stay safe, okay? I've heard...things." Her voice had genuine concern for me. For once.

"Don't worry mum. If whoever this person is, is going on a killing spree... I'll be able to defend myself. Seven years of self-defence classes, remember?'

'Akahane?' her voice had changed again, but more subtle than ever before.


'I'm proud of you. I apologize for not always being there for you, especially now...'

I heard her voice breaking and my own vision was going blurry.

'A-and...sigh...I know I have not been the greatest mother...'

That's true.

'A-and I have never said this before...'
There was a long pause, until she whispered three sweet words which I had always wanted to hear from her.

'...I love you..."

That was it. I couldn't handle anymore; and at that exact moment, the line was disconnected.


I wiped the moisture from my eyes.
A lot of drama for the first day in school, huh?
A brief life story: My mother was basically, never there. My father was a total stranger to me, and the only thing of his I own is his last name.

I put the phone down.

'Well, Nathaniel...' I said, as my trusty butler looked at me.

'Yes, Miss Akito?'

'It's about time I leave for the station, eh?'

'Your luggage will be carried to the car, ma'am.'

'Thank you, Nathaniel.'
He curtsied and turned away.

Before he left, I called him and gave him an unexpected hug.

'Thank you for everything.'
I let him go.
'I will miss you, and the others, whole- heartedly.' I continued.

Nathaniel gave me a warm smile and adjusted his monocle.

'I will miss you terribly. And so will the rest of the staff.' He replied.

I have a reputation for being insensitive and cold-hearted toward people, but my staff know better. I've grown up under most of their care, and I have a close relationship with each and every one of them. Especially Nathaniel and his wife, the cook, Marianne. They were the ones who took care of me, since I was an infant.

'Tell the others I said good bye, okay?' I whimpered, trying not to cry.

Nathaniel too, was trying not to cry.

Someone interrupted us.
'Of course, now go! Else you'll be late on your first day!'
It was Marianne.

* * * * * *

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