taegguk:red pt. 2(s)

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warnings: soft sex, jk being soft, short


taehyung woke up to the feeling of lips pressed onto his cheek, his eyes fluttering open slowly as he yawn softly.

jeongguk was beside him, arms tangled in taehyung's smaller body, eyes gazing with nothing but love into the submissive's own.


jeongguk hummed, face snuggling into taehyung's neck as he mumbled warmly,"baby? you okay?"

taehyung nodded softly, voice like a whisper as he squeaked out,"y-yes.."

jeongguk hummed again, peppering soft kisses on taehyung's neck, before placing one on his forehead.

"go wash up, baby."

taehyung, with his face flushed, nodded and scrambled out of bed, heading to the toilet to wash up.

he returned, only to see the bed empty, and the soft, sweet aroma of syrup and freshly made pancakes sifting into the dimly lit blue room.

"ggukkie," he mumbled, entering the kitchen as he felt jeongguk's own muscular arms pulling his body to jeongguk's bigger frame,"baby? my pretty baby," he snuggled his face into the shorter's neck, before pulling away.

"let's have breakfast, okay? then we can cuddle."

taehyung nodded and went to sit at the table, a plate of pancakes with an excessive amount of syrup over them, just like how taehyung liked, in front of him.

"sweet as my taetae," jeongguk smiled before digging in to his own plate of pancakes, eyes never leaving taehyung's face while they both ate.


taehyung sat himself on jeongguk's lap, jeongguk lacing his fingers in taehyung's soft hair.

" 'm sorry for pushing you, baby."

taehyung giggled and pushed his body against jeongguk's own, taking in his soft, manly scent.

"you didn't, ggukkie. you didn't know, if anyone's at fault, it'll be me. i should've told you earlier."

jeongguk gasped dramatically, a frown on his face,"no, my baby's never at fault. let's settle on the fact that it's nobody's fault, hm? tae baby?"

taehyung nodded, staring straight into jeongguk's eyes before flushing, his fingers playing with jeongguk's big shirt, mumbling softly,"g-ggukkie, can we please.. can you please love me?"

jeongguk looked down at the boy, a smile on his lips, knowing what taehyung wanted.

"of course, baby."


jeongguk's hips pushed against taehyung's, his elbows securing him as he stared into taehyung's lidded eyes.

"pretty, my baby's so pretty," jeongguk mumbled, his boyfriend stiffling a moan.

the sound of soft skin slapping and the scent of warm sex filled the room, and yet jeongguk only focused on taehyung's squeaky moans that slipped past his red lips.

"g-ggukkie! p-please," taehyung sobbed out, heart heavy as jeongguk kissed him on the lips, before peppering the rest of his body with pecks.

"you're not ugly or fat, okay, baby? my taetae's the prettiest, most adorable baby in the world, and you mean the most to me, okay?"

taehyung nodded, face flushed as he clung onto jeongguk's neck, his arms around him.

"g-ggukkie, g-gotta c-cum," he whispered, red cock bouncing softly against the two, jeongguk's own digging deep into taehyung's hot cavern,"cum baby, i'm close too."

taehyung nodded, his lips parting as he moaned into jeongguk's ear, cock twitching before ribbons of white covered both his and jeongguk's stomachs, and with a last thrust, jeongguk filled taehyung, the smaller moaning at the feeling.


jeongguk pulled out, watching as his own cum leaked down taehyung's sunkissed thighs, his lips going down to kiss the marks he had made the previous night.

"a bath?"

jeongguk stood up, going to get tissue.

taehyung's eyes watered, as he gripped onto jeongguk's arm.

with glossy eyes he whispered, "d-don't go. p-pl-please."

jeongguk sighed, going back into bed and laying beside him, "i'm not going anywhere, precious."

taehyung flushed, face down as he mumbled,"p-plug, ggukkie?"

jeongguk nodded and grabbed the glass plug from the tableside, lubing it as he prepped him, the small plug pushed in as it snuggled in nicely.

"my baby looks so pretty like this," jeongguk mumbled, laying down beside the other as he brought up the covers,"sleep first, okay, taetae?"

taehyung hummed in bliss, arms wrapped around the other as he clung onto him, soft breathing against jeongguk's chest.

"i love you, ggukkie."

jeongguk kissed his head, smiling.

"i love you too, precious. ggukkie loves his baby."

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