Thirty - One

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Skylar's POV:

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Skylar's POV:

I woke up as I heard a loud knock on the door.

"Skylar, wake up!"

I opened my eyes groggily and sat up. Looking around, I realized I was in my room.

And then everything messed up.

"Geez." I whispered, clutching onto my head. I couldn't explain how bad my head ached. My throat was dry and my brain was literally banging against my skull.

"Skylar." Another knock came. Even that little knock felt like somebody was drilling holes into my bones.

"Who's it?" I asked.

The knocking stopped for a second.

"Your mother, Skylar." She said in a pissed voice.

Oh shit.

I was so done.

"I'm coming." I muttered before looking at the clock. I was surprised that I woke up before the actual starting time of my classes. All because of my sweet mother.

Racking my head for a clue, I tried to think why my head was being such a bitch right now. I had gone off to Alex's match. There had been Blake at some point.

Did Blake drug me?

Chicken came out of nowhere and mewled while looking at me with some sort of distaste. That's when I remembered. I had gone off to those after-match parties. And ended up getting drunk.

Oh Lord.

If mom found out that I was drunk last night, I was so done. So grounded. So dead. I got up in a rush, dashing into the bathroom for a quick shower. No wonder I reeked of alcohol right now.

Somehow after almost five minutes, I exited my room with a very throbbing head.

"You guys are back already?" I asked looking at dad who was reading a newspaper on the couch. Mom, on the other hand, was busy folding her jacket. They both were acting so calm and casual. Like they didn't owe me an explanation.

"Yes." Dad replied with a smile. "Why wouldn't we come back?"

I rolled my eyes at that. I had been waiting for them to return for so long. Only so that I'd get some explanation of this mess. But right now, all I wanted was to be away from them. My head was aching badly, and I was sure that I won't be able to understand a word without flinching out loud.

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