Big Bird (21)

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      "Does werewolf culture include constant celebrations?" Aeress asked as Warrick zipped close her dress. His palms slid across her bare shoulders. The dress was off-the-shoulder, tight fitting about her breasts and flaring out at the hips. 

      "We take every opportunity to get drunk and have sex," he came from behind, teasing her ear just enough to cause her excitement. 

     She looked ahead at their embraced forms. "That is something I can get used to. Whenever it's allowed though, right?" 

     "Aeress," he replied in a warning voice. 

     She leaned her head back so that it rested against his chest. "I know, I know. Behave. I am behaving! But you're not making it any easier with your teasing, by the way."

     "Do you want me to stop, then?" 

     Aeress smiled and twisted so that age could encircle his neck loosely with her arms. "Are you nuts? Of course not!" 

     He looked into her eyes, allowing the silence to soak in. "This... celebration is important. Not only are you the mate of Premier, but you are also the potential Godhead. We never could have predicted this." He smirked. "You've ruffled our feathers, Aeress." 

     Aeress swallowed, but was amused at his attempt to sooth her fears. "Have I? I thought it was the other way around. And also, I assumed that werewolves have fur, but if you're telling me that you guys transform into big bird-" 

     He smashed his lips against hers to bring her rambling to a halt. "Aeress?" he framed either side of her face with his warm, calloused hands. 


     "I'm gonna take care of you." 

     Aeress didn't know how he could sense her true anxiety, but it was obvious that he could. "I know. I'm just being a mess, like always." 

     Warrick let go of her and stepped back to assess her from head to toe. "I need to take care of something, stay here." 

     "Wait-" but he was already gone. "How is it that you can leave right in the middle of a conversation?" she shouted at the door. "Asshole." That last word was whispered. She was chicken. 

     She turned to study her reflexion for a little bit, just listening to his footsteps as he got farther and farther away until she couldn't hear him anymore. "What's wrong with me? I've worn a dress more than three times in a span shorter than six months. Maybe I am insane? I guess me talking to myself isn't helping my case either."

     Aeress turned as the bedroom window made a squeaking noise. The night breeze must have blown the window inward. 

     She walked over to shut it, realizing that she must have forgot to shut it the night before when she was having a heart to heart with Godhead. "Can't let that AC out." She caught the window and closed it. 

     There was a quick and short knock on the door. 

     Aeress turned around and opened the door. Her eyes widened. "Mikya?!" She threw herself at him in an awkward embrace, but she didn't care, she was just glad to see a familiar face. 

     She pulled back and composed herself. "Sorry, I got a little excited there." 

     Mikya was obviously caught off guard by her warm welcome. He fixed his shirt like it was out of place, as he shook his head. "No need to apologize, Go-Aeress. It was an honor." 

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