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*Author's Note: I promise, I didn't fully plan for my story to go this route let alone post this chapter on Mother's Day. However, I'd say that it all worked out quite well. Hope you enjoy!*

"Madam President" Doctor Avi Vega approached us with an outstretched hand at a private entrance once we arrived at the medical center for Abby's first scan. My girl moved a few steps ahead of me in order to take Avi's hand in a firm shake before moving in for a quick embrace. I stood behind her silently and watched the women for a moment.

Avi was a lovely woman who was kind enough to arrange her schedule to accommodate us and our safety. Her ebony hair was beautifully braided and resting over her shoulder, causing a stark contrast from her white medical coat and sky blue scrubs. Her warm skin glowed and her coral smile was sweet and welcoming. I touched base with hospital security to make sure perimeters were covered and told them Abby was stopping by for a general checkup. Abby had been to doctor Vega a time or two during the campaign season in order to make sure she was in the best of health during the long, exhausting hours on the road, but this is the first time we had been back to see her since Abby had won the election.

My girl still blushed at her new title, as she had since November whenever people met her either during the work day or if we were just out among the public and so help me, I fell for her even more when I saw the crimson flood her cheeks.

"Avi, you've met Roman, haven't you?" Abby interrupted my thoughts as her hand touched my back and urged me forward.

"I don't believe we've been properly introduced but we had a wonderful conversation on the phone the other day" Avi stretched her hand out to me and I took it in my own, giving her a smirk as we embraced.

"Great to meet you, Avi. Thank you for helping us out and making time in your busy day. We really appreciate it." I meant it and I'm sure she could sense my sincerity. Abby and I were literally keeping a monumental secret from the entire world, and I had to swear Avi to confidentiality when I rang her up the other day and told her why we needed to come in immediately. Thankfully, she was an understanding woman and was willing to help out her friend.

"The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Harrison. Please, come with me and we'll go talk in my office before we get started." She led the way, linking arms with Abs as they caught up on current life events. I trailed steps behind in order to give them a shred of privacy, but my chest swelled every few steps when she'd turn back to look at me with a gorgeous smile gracing her beautiful mouth.

After a few winding hallways and stopping once or twice so Abby could greet and shake hands with a few doctors, nurses, and staff, we made it into the confines of Dr. Vega's office.

"Please, make yourselves at home." She gestured to the chairs perched in front of her large desk that had a few stacks of papers, files, and medical journals that accompanied some framed photos, a computer, and textbooks. I made sure Abby was seated comfortably first before I unbuttoned my suit jacket and grabbed the space to her left. Avi took a minute to make room, grab Abby's file, and log into her computer so I took a minute to look around and admire her lovely office. The basic and even bland Eggshell walls was adorned with opulent and jam-packed bookshelves, the windowsill behind her served as a home to a few plants soaking up the sun. Avi reclined in her chair as she sipped her coffee from her mug that stated, doctor because badass miracle worker isn't an official job title and opened Abby's file to get a briefing.

I looked to my girl and stretched my arm between the chairs to touch her bouncing knee and give it a squeeze. The short silence and moments before her exam were making her nervous.

"It's going to be all right, darling. I promise" I gave her a wink and she placed her hand over mine on her leg and mouthed an I love you just as Dr. Vega looked up from the file she was perusing to give us a cheeky grin at our exchange. In all honesty, I was scared as all hell too, but I refused to let that show in front of Abby. I had a million thoughts racing through my brain about if our child was perfect and safe, what we'd encounter in the coming months, how we'd deal with the public as our child grew, and so many other unknowns that I could feel my heart thumping wildly. As petrified as we were, I knew how elated we felt as well, and I couldn't wait to known more about my sweet miracle who I already loved more than I thought possible.

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