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Chapter one~ Released
"Welcome home baby."

"Trager, Get dressed and roll up. Time to go!" One of the average deputies called out, walking towards my cell. I smile to myself and do as I was told. Putting all my things in the trash can. And rolling up my blankets, pillows, and extra things I didn't ever really need but got anyway.

"Hands out." Kenton, the usual day shift guard spoke and I did so. Handing him my tattooed wrists. He cuffed them and grabbed my stuff for me. "Let's go, follow the yellow line all the way down to the office which will be on your left."

"How's the wife ?" I ask softly as we walked down the hallway.

"Amy's about ready to pop." He chuckled and patted my shoulder when we got to the office. The cop behind the glass handed me my clothing and pointed to the room to walk into to change. And I did so.

"Don't come back, Lena." Kenton says patting my lower back as I waited for the gates to open up. Dressed in my jean shorts that after all this time still fit, and my white shirt with SAMCRO printed on the back. Always sporting my family.

Alexander Trager as everyone knows him , Tig is my father. And growing up in the club of all men except for Gemma whom was the only mother I've ever known, I learned a lot of things. Mainly how to take a car engine apart and put back together , how to shoot a gun and aim perfectly, and that we all make sacrifices. Sacrifices to save and protect those we care about immensely. Being the only 22 year old female, doing time in Stockton for Samcro was the first in history. But I had to do what I had too for My fiancé, Jax Teller. Though He hated the fact I got locked up and stopped visiting. 16 months later, I know he'll be happy to see me again.

"Babygirl !" Gemma was the only one there to meet me and I guess that was enough. I was hoping Jax would be here but, Gemma works. She's as good as her son on any day like this.

"Hey mama" I laugh , taking on her bear hugs. She squeezed so tightly I thought I was gonna puke. Patting her back. " can't breathe "

"Sorry I just missed you so god damn much." And randomly slapping my chest. "Don't ever do stupid shit like that again ." Raising my hands in defeat.

"Not planning on it" we got into her black caddie and I knew right where I was heading, Samcro clubhouse.

"How are you baby ?" Gemma asked me genuinely and I sighed.

"I haven't had a visitor besides you and my dad since I got in. Jax's been avoiding me." She sighed, but didn't say anything. Blowing out the smoke from her cigarette she just inhaled. " Gemma, what happened ?"

"He's married." Gemma looked at me a few moments later when I said nothing. I was in completely and utter shock. My fiancé, Jax Teller, whom I've been with since I was 16, got married, after I took the fall for him so he wouldn't get 20 years on a damn gun charge. "Lena ?" Gemma snaps her figures and I just looked out the window on the rest of the way home.

"When Jax and Wendy got married, Jax brought all of your stuff to this old place .Clay and I fixed it up for you." Gemma parked outside of my old childhood home that my dad and I moved out of when my mom died when I was 10. She wasn't lying about them fixing it up. It didn't look like a drug house anymore. The house was freshly painting an off white color, and the porch looked brand new after all these years.

"Thanks, Gem." She handed me the house key and I sat in the car for a moment. Opening the door and stepping out, Gemma rolled down her passenger side window to talk.

"Your bikes in the garage, everything you need plus food in all inside. Prepaid's on the counter. Be at the clubhouse in 3 hours." Of course Gemma would throw me a welcome home party.

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