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"Thank you for bringing me home." I smiled at Jason. 

"Any time." He says. 

I got out of the car making my way towards the door.

"Wait Cassidy." I looked back to see Jason had rolled down his window. 


"Would you uh- like to go watch a movie this weekend?" He asked nervously. I was shocked, me a Jason had never hung out with each other. I didn't even think he ever noticed I even existed. 

I was kind of hesitant to answer, I don't know why all of a sudden he'd want to talk to me. "Uhh sure." 

"Really? Wow alright I'll pick you up on Saturday night around eight." He says smiling. 

"Alright I'll see you then." I smiled.


Throughout the week at school we went through the syllabus and introduced ourselves to the class, Which I hate doing. The best part is that everyone left me alone. Lauren kept her distance and didn't make fun of me. 

The day after Jason asked to watch a movie, he asked for my number and since then he's been messaging me eveyday. We'd talk about anything and everthing. At school he'd even sit with me a lunch for a while this past week.

I'm currently picking out an outfit to wear tonight. I have two more hours to get ready until Jason comes and picks me up to go watch a movie. 

Before I knew it, it was almost eight o'clock I quickly put on my outfit and shoes. As soon I was done I heard the doorbell ring. 

Picture of Cassidy's outfit

Picture of Cassidy's outfit

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Whne I opened the door, I saw Jason standing there with his hands in his pockets. He was wearing Khaki pants and a black shirt. 

"See something you like?" He smirked. 

Oh shit, he caught me staring at him. "No." I lied, I have to admit he is really good looking. I shook my head, I know Levi would be mad if he found out one of his best friends had feelings for me. He doesn't need to worry about that since Jason probably only sees me as a friend. 

"Are you read to go?" He asked.

"Yes lets go." I locked the door behinde me.

He opened the passenger door for so that I could get in.

"What movie are we going t watch?" I asked as soon as he got in the car. 

"Well, I was going to ask you did you have a movie in mind?" He asked looking at me quickly before looking back at the road ahead. 

"Let's watch A Star is Born." I smiled, I've been wanting to watch that movie. 

"Umm- alright if that's what you want to watch." 

I tried paying for my own stuff, but Jason wouldn't let me. He bought both of our tickets, popcorn and drinks. 

"I could have at least pay for half of everything you know." I said making my way towards the top row of seats. 

"I know but I'm the one who invited you, and it fine don't worry about it." 

About half way through the movie Jason had intertwined his fingers with mine, making me smile shyly. 


"Thank you for tonight, I had a good time." He said as soon as we got to my house. I could feel my cheeks getting warm. I did have a good time, I hope Jason had a good time too. 

"I did too, I'll see you later Cassidy." He smiled and drove off.  

I smiled, I really hope we could hang out a little more.

"What's got you smiling." I jumped a little when my brother spoke up.

"What- oh nothing." I said. 

"Where were you?" I'm not sure If Levi would be weirded out if I was hanging out with his best friend. 

"If so, then why did Jason drop you off?" Damn I didn't think he'd notice. 

"We were just hanging out." I shrugged like it was no big deal.

"Since when did you two start hanging out?" He asked seriously. 

"What's up with all these questions?" 

"Just answer me Cassidy." 

"If you must know... He probably felt sorry for me that I didn't have any friends when I came back to school, so he started sitting with me for a few minutes at lunch." I told him. I don't know why he's making a big deal out of this. 

"Just be careful Cassidy I don't want you to go falling for him, he's got a different girl in his bed every week." Levi warned me. It's funny if he thinks Jason would ever think of more than a friends.

"You don't have to worry about that Levi," With that I made my way upstairs and got a head start on next weeks homework. 

I hope you all like this chapter. (:

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