Better Safe than Sorry

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I dropped the bag in the trunk and looked at Sophia. She tapped her foot and grabbed one of the bags. "What is this?"

"That's...a bag."

"Don't be smart with me."

She had drawn the attention of Landon and Alex. Landon came over and looked inside the bag, shaking his head as he disapproved with its contents. "Really, Avery? Are we really doing this now?"

I sighed. "Don't you guys get mad at me. We are going to be alone in the woods. Have you ever seen a damn horror movie? Don't go out there empty handed. We need these weapons." I zipped the bag back up and put it in the trunk. "You'll thank me if something happens."

Sophia groaned. "But it won't. This is a winter vacation. This is not a horror movie. We are average people."

"Average people die in horror movies," I stated.

"Oh, Avery, you are really going to be something." She finished putting her bags in the car.

I rolled my eyes and closed the trunk. "Don't start. They're just weapons. They're no different than a woman carrying a stun gun in her purse. What's so bad about being cautious?"

"Because it means you're paranoid and you're not actually relaxing."

"No, it means I can completely relax because I'm prepared for anything." I shrugged and looked in the car, checking the temperature. It was about warmed up by now.

"Whatever, Avery." Sophia got in the passenger side of the car.

I looked at Landon and Alex. "I bring weapons everywhere. It's better to be safe than sorry."

Landon just went back to Alex's truck and got in. Alex looked at me. "Don't forget to have fun." He got in his truck.

I got in my car and looked at Sophia. I turned up the music and followed the truck to the outskirts of the city. We hit the roads that led into the hills and turned into mountains an hour later.

I sang to the music at the top of my lungs. Sophia turned down the music. I gave her a look. "Excuse me, the driver chooses the music volume."

"I want to talk about Alex."

"What about him?" I glanced at her and looked back at the road. I kept my speed at a safe limit so I wouldn't slide off of the cliff since the roads were slick.

"Come on, it's been two years since you told me about your crush. It's been growing and you can't tell me you're not planning something." She smirked.

"I... I'm working on it."

"How's that going for you?"

"It's hard. It's hard to tell someone you like them." I pushed hair behind my ear.

"I'll make sure you two finally get together. You suck at it."

I chewed on my cheek and ignored her the rest of the way.

We arrived at the cabin after another hour and parked our car next to the big truck. I got out and opened the trunk. I grabbed my bags and walked through the open door. Sophia ran past me with her bags. "I call the biggest room!" She ran to the back room.

I looked at Alex and Landon. Landon checked the fridge and laughed. "Yes, beer!"

Alex looked at him. "Get me one, too." He looked at me. "Do you want one?"

"No thanks." I took my bags to an empty room near the end of the hall. I took off my scarf, beanie, and jacket. I walked to the living room and looked at Sophia.

Sophia was in sweats and putting on a horror movie. "I thought it was fitting." She sat back and smiled.

Landon and Alex sat on the couch next to her. I looked at them. "I guess if you guys want to watch a horror movie in the middle of nowhere." I grabbed a bag of chips from the cupboard. I sat down on the chair beside the couch.

Sophia eyed my food. "Share?"

"Nope. My chair, my food." I smiled and munched on the chips.

We watched the horror movie and everyone made bad decisions as usual. They all died in the end and I laughed. "Such idiots. I swear people suck at surviving horror movies."

Sophia looked at us and stood. "We should play a game. I say we play Seven Minutes in Heaven."

She glanced at me and I turned red. I knew what her goal was. "I'm down." I was up for any game that could give me a chance with Alex.

Landon looked at us. "I'm good with that." He grabbed a paper and pen. "Grab a bowl."

Sophia grabbed a bowl from the kitchen and set it on the coffee table by Landon. He ripped up the paper and folded the pieces, putting them in the bowl. "We pull out a name and that's who we spend our seven minutes with."

I looked at them. "I'll go first."

Sophia smirked. "That's the spirit, Avery."

I reached forward and pulled out a name. I unfolded the piece of paper and sighed. "Sophia."

Landon at back. "Oh, this is good." He took a swig of his beer.

I looked at him. "It's just seven minutes. Besides, I'm not into women." I stood up. "Come on, Sophia." I waved her in as I got inside the closet. She followed me inside and closed the door.

I moved my legs a little. "I have to pee, that's just great."

"You have to hold it for seven minutes. I am not going to let you pee in the corner."

"You're disgusting if you really think I'm going to actually pee in here." I crossed my arms and looked around.

Sophia looked at the door. "Let's hope you and Alex get a chance in here, huh?"

"Let's hope so."

Sophia and I used up the rest of our minutes with silence. When the timer went off, we left the room and Landon gave us a look. Sophia smirked at him. "We had sex."

Landon scoffed. "Whatever."

Sophia took a name from the bowl and opened it up. "Alright, Alex, let's go into the closet."

I sat in my chair and watched the two of them close the door behind them. I chewed my cheeks, trying to picture PG images between them. Sophia would never do that to me. She wouldn't kiss him, would she? She suggested this game to get me with him.

The timer went off and the two of them came out of the closet. They both looked the same as they did when they went in but neither of them said a word.

Alex went to the bowl and picked a name. He looked at me as he unfolded it. "Avery."

My heart sped up and I froze in my place. I wasn't sure if I wanted to play anymore. I wanted this but now that it was happening, I was afraid of the outcome.

Sophia nudged me. "Go on. You know the rules."

I nodded slightly and got up. I followed him into the closet and closed the door. I looked at him. "So..." What was I supposed to say?

He placed his hands on both sides of my face and connected his lips to mine. I hadn't seen it coming but I wasn't complaining.

Our lips moved together, only taking a few breaths here and there until the timer went off. We pulled away but the kiss lingered on my lips minutes following after we exited the closet.

I went to the bathroom and came back. We continued our game until my eyes began to droop. "Goodnight. I'll see you guys in the morning." I stood up and walked back to my room. I stripped down until I had nothing but my underwear on. I pulled on a T-shirt and shorts, laying in the bed. I closed my eyes as I pulled the covers over my body.

I thought I heard a growl but I wasn't too sure since I could blame it on my barely conscious brain playing tricks on me. I was swept into nightmares.

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