15: Goodbye

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I rush into my mother's car, brushing aside the files and reports scattered haphazardly across her car. I brush the clothes out of my way that were hanging on the handle used to help people get up. 
"Jeez Violet, don't just scatter my reports like that... could get me fired if I lose one of those."
I gulp and buckle my seatbelt. "Sorry..."
She scoffs. "Sorry... whatever."
She starts the car, immediately pressing her foot on the gas, causing my body to fly back into the seat. We exit out of the neighborhood where Clementine lived, starting the somewhat long drive to my grandparents place. I tap my fingers rapidly on my thigh, beads of sweat dripping down the sides of my face. My mom speeds down the freeway, passing through cars, switching lanes to avoid the slow cars that were in front of us. Soon enough, we exit out of the freeway, my mom rushing to her parent's place. The minute we enter the area of the suburbs, we knew something was up; it wasn't the quiet place it usually was. The dead air that frequently filled the quiet neighborhood was replaced with sirens that got closer as the car got closer and closer to my grandparent's house. We arrive at the cul-de-sac where their house is, only to find the entire cul-de-sac filled with police cars and ambulances. My mom audibly gasps, parking the car in the middle of the road, rushing out to see what happened. I follow after her, only to be stopped by a police officer.
"Ma'am, this isn't any of your concern."
My mom basically screeched at the officer. "Those are my parents in there!"
In a panic, she rummaged through her bag, revealing her ID to the police officer. He let the two of us into the scene, we see grandma covered in a blanket, with a blank slate on her face. 
"Mama what happened?" My mom exclaims, rushing over to her
My grandma opens her mouth, trembling, but the only noise to come out was a loud sob; she collapses into my mom, crying into her chest. My mom rubs her back, looking around to see if there were clues of grandpa. I go ahead and look on my own, peeking around the scene. 
"Grandma, do you know where grandpa is?"
Her fragile, wrinkly, old hands trembled as she pointed in the direction of where he was. I saw the absolute fear and worry in her eyes as she looked directly in front of me. I nodded slightly at her and walked in the direction where she pointed. Few steps forward, I see a gurney being carried by two men into the back of an ambulance. Without thinking, my walking slowly turned into sprinting. I reached to where the gurney was, only to be stopped by a bulky man.
"Young lady, he will be escorted to the hospital."
"I- that man is my grandpa. Please let us ride with you."
He looked left and looked right and finally sighed. "Okay. I'll let this slide. Your family is allowed to ride."
I run over to my mom, telling her the good news. She says she'll follow in her own car, she had to comfort grandma first. I nodded and went back to the ambulance. The man helped me aboard, showing me a small seating chair in the corner. I take a seat as the back door of the ambulance closes as EMT's and paramedics aid my grandpa, attaching him to the ventilator and hooking him up to an IV. I take a look at my phone, it's around 12 A.M. The drive to the hospital starts.

I twist my ring finger, staring at the doors where my grandpa was taken to. I'm seated next to my grandma who is still wrapped around in a blanket, her face blanker than ever. My mother is on her other side, holding her hand and from what it seems like, she's trying her absolute best to not break down in front of us. 
"Hey Vi, c-can you go get something from the vending machine?"
She shakily hands me five singles, I stand up and go to the hallway to where the two vending machines are. I look at the options, there's gummy bears, chocolate, pretzels, potato chips, and surprisingly a $6 advil. I insert the dollar, getting pretzels the first time; my grandma loves pretzels. I insert two more dollars, receiving gummy bears. I walk over to the other vending machine where drinks were dispensed. I use the two dollars to get two water bottles; I head back to where we're seated. I hand the food to my mom and take a seat, immediately shoveling gummy bears into my mouth. I take a look at the time now, it's nearly 1 A.M. I'm so exhausted, but I have to stay awake for my grandpa. My phone vibrates, I take a look to see who it is, it's Brody. 
hey clem told us sumthin' happened. u good?
I debate on whether telling her the truth or not... I didn't want to stress anybody out. I don't like shoving my problems onto other people... I'm such an emotionally exhausting person. yeah, just i don't wanna talk about it rn. tomorrow...okay?
alr purple... just remember we're here for you. alright?
I smile at that. alright.
My phone dies the minute the text sends; looks like I can't text anyone for the rest of the night until I return home or at least some place where a charger is provided. I put my knees up against my chest, wrapping my arms around. I can feel my eyes closing, I try my best to not go to sleep, but... a nap wouldn't hurt.

"What do you mean he's gone!?"
"Ma'am, I'm so sorry. We tried our best to save him."
"P-please. There must be something you can do."
"I wish we could... I'm truly sorry..."
"B-but, he was... no, no, no!"
"You may go in there to say your last goodbyes to him... again, I am sorry for your loss."

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