"I'm sorry.."

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"SUMMER!!!" I screeched as I entered our old house. I dropped my bags by the door and ran up to my room. I fell onto my bed, and I snuggled into the familiar scent. The faded scent of detergent and my natural scent of mint. It was nice. I sighed, content. Momo came in with our bags, and I chuckled. "Sorry!" I smiled, and she smirked. "It's okay." She said, and left our suitcases by our door. She hopped onto my bed, and her fingers attacked my sides. I burst into laughter. It tickled. "MOMO! Sto- AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" I couldn't finish my sentence. It was hard! We fell off the bed, and Momo laughed with me as tears formed in my eyes. Our fun stopped as the doorbell rang. "I got it!" I said, eager to get away from her evil tickling fingers. I went down the stairs, and opened the door. Before I got a word out, a sharp, unbearable pain seared into my side. I screamed loud, making sure I alerted Momo. "Hey there Yanagi~" Him. My ex-friend. Alex. The little.. Momo came downstairs, and seemed startled when she saw Alex. I saw her face as I bled out onto our dark hardwood floors. I was propped up on one arm. The other was pressed to my side, increasing the pain, but slowing the bleeding. I breathed heavily. My arm gave out from beneath me, and I fell. Momo roared with a rage I've only seen once before. Knives grew from her arms. She grabbed them, and threw them at Alex. He got sliced across the cheek, thigh, and she managed to get him in the arm. He screamed, and darted away. "Yanagi!!" She screamed, and ran to me. My vision was fading alarmingly fast. Breathing was getting harder. I inhaled deep, and exhaled slowly. My body felt like lead. I let my head fall limp against the floor. I distantly heard Momo call the police. And the ambulance. I heard the sirens as I was slipping. "Yana.. Yana, please, hang in there." She whimpered, pressing my limp hand to my torso harder, and the bleeding halted for a moment. With my other hand, and much effort, I slowly reached up to wipe a fat tear from her face. "D.. Don't c-cry.. You.. Know.. M.. E.. I'm.. A--.. Always.. O.. Kay.." I said, and smiled weakly. My mouth filled with blood. She turned me on my side so I wouldn't choke. "Just.. St.. Stay.. With.. Me.." I said, angry with myself that I couldn't even ask her to stay clearly. "It's not your fault.. It's not your fault, honey, it's not. You'll be okay, you'll be fine." She said, gently stoking my face with shaking hands. I smiled. "I know.." I said, and took a shaky breath. I held onto her hand gently. "I'm sorry.." I whispered, and I fell into the darkness..


The ambulance arrived shortly after she passed out. Momo rode along, calling everyone. Letting them know what had happened. She kept nervous eyes on Yanagi's heart rate, and was relieved when they arrived in her hospital room without it failing. She sat beside Yanagi's bed. Holding tight to her hand. She remembered what she said before going limp in the house. I'm sorry.. Momo wiped a stray tear from her cheek. She squeezed Yanagi's hand. "It's alright.." She said. "As long as you're okay.." 

"It'll always be alright."


Sorry, but hope you enjoyed~

I am going to try and stop adding these end notes, but I will always add my farewell.

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